Matt Smith gets House of the Dragon season 2 scripts: “They’re really late”

House of the Dragon episode 4
House of the Dragon episode 4 /

It’s been over four months since the first season of House of the Dragon concluded with “The Black Queen,” which left our characters on the brink of all-out war. We’ve heard that filming on season 2 will start next month. Things are ramping up.

Right on cue, Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen) turned up at the Middle East Film and Comic Con this weekend in Abu Dhabi to give us an update. “I got all the scripts on Friday, actually,” he said. “They’re really late. It’s always the way, isn’t it? They always come in so late.”

You can watch the clip below:

"Matt Smith on S2: “I got all the scripts on Friday, actually. They’re late, they’re really late.” from HouseOfTheDragon"

The scripts for House of the Dragon season 2 are “really late”

Naturally, Smith didn’t divulge anything from the scripts. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t have told the crowd everything. “I haven’t gotten to the end of it yet,” he said.

Should fans be worried that the scripts came in late? It’s probably too early to tell. As Smith says, that’s not uncommon in the TV business; writers are often reshaping material up to the last minute.

We’ll hope for the best when House of the Dragon season 2 rolls around, probably sometime in the summer of 2024. Daemon should have a big year; his wife Rhaenyra is slated to be queen of the Seven Kingdoms but must fight her half-brother for the throne, and her son Lucerys has just been killed by another of her half-brothers. Daemon will play a crucial part in helping her wage war against her own family.

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