How many characters are there in A Song of Ice and Fire?


A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin is known for his willingness to expound at great length on all manner of topics. His books are great big doorstoppers where literally hundreds of characters vie for dominance in the never-ending game of thrones. You can get lost in these books, and many have.

But how many characters are in them exactly? Redditor Thomaerys has gone above and beyond and cataloged the lot of them — both from A Song of Ice and Fire and Martin’s Targaryen history book Fire & Blood) on an enormous spreadsheet you can check out here (it’s huge, so if you want to explore it, downloading may be preferable).

And for those of you who would rather have a summary, here a quick look at some of the data:

WiC offers no opinion on the awfulness or lack thereof of Pretty Pig’s name.

How many names are there in A Song of Ice and Fire?

Los Siete Reinos dug into things a bit further and found that there are 2,084 different proper names in the Song of Ice and Fire universe; some characters share names, hence why there are more named characters than names. The most popular proper names are Jon and Jeyne.

Of course, most of these characters don’t play a big part in the narrative, but this gives you an idea of the kind of deep bench Martin is working with. No wonder he’s taking so long to write The Winds of Winter; you try keeping all of these people straight.

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