House of the Dragon deleted scene complicates Daemon’s relationship with Viserys and Rhaenyra

House of the Dragon episode 4
House of the Dragon episode 4 /

Ahead of the Emmy nominations being announced in July, shows in consideration for writing awards have been promoting themselves across the internet in hopes of being recognized. Because House of the Dragon missed the cut-off for last year’s Emmys, it will now be eligible for the upcoming ceremony.

It’ll be tough competition, with the Game of Thrones prequel likely going head-to-head with Succession‘s final season. There’s also The Last of Us to consider, along with The White Lotus. HBO came to play. While we wait for the nominations to come out, Deadline‘s got something for us House of the Dragon fans to enjoy: the script for the pilot episode, “The Heirs Of The Dragon” is available to read, and it includes a very important scene that didn’t make the final cut.

In that first episode, which was written by showrunner Ryan Condal, King Viserys grapples with who to name as his heir after his wife and newborn son die in childbirth. The script spells out his biggest dilemma: “I won’t be made to choose between my brother and my daughter.” But of course, that’s what he must do.

Viserys’ brother Daemon is impulsive, violent and immature, but Viserys’ daughter Rhaenyra is, well, a woman. And while Viserys ends up choosing Rhaenyra, a deleted scene from the first episode proves he was back and forth more than we might’ve realized.

Viserys tries to confide in Daemon in House of the Dragon deleted scene

Check out the House of the Dragon pilot script and scroll to page 60. After Viserys loses Aemma and their baby Baelon, Daemon seeks out his brother to comfort him. It’s really interesting reading the script compared to watching the episode, because what’s implied through the performances is present on the page. Take the description of Daemon and Viserys’ meeting:

"Daemon throws his arms around his brother. The men hold the embrace for a long beat. There is real love here."

In this scene, which didn’t make it to the show, Viserys tries to tell Daemon about the Song and Ice of Fire prophecy, the one about how a Targaryen must be in control of the Seven Kingdoms so they’re ready for the long night coming sometime in the future. But Daemon doesn’t want to hear it. He’s adamant that Aegon’s dragons made the Targaryens the powerful family that they are, not dreams or prophecies, which recalls how he reacts in the season finale when Rhaenyra confides in him about it.

"Daemon: “Aegon was no Dreamer. He was a Conqueror. With a greatsword of Valyrian steel and the most fearsome dragon that ever lived.”Viserys: “Aegon wrote his own history. The truth was something else.”"

Daemon laughs the idea off, and ultimately Viserys decides not to tell him the secret.

Not only would this scene change Daemon’s relationship with his brother, but it would also impact his relationship with Rhaenyra. In an earlier part of the pilot script, we get the line, “Daemon would kill to be loved by Viserys the way Rhaenyra is.” We can see this looming over their relationship for the rest of the season.

Even though Viserys is now dead, the power struggle between Rhaenyra and Daemon will likely only grow as the Dance of the Dragons officially begins in season 2. Fingers crossed the second season is as good as the first!

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