Game of Thrones: AI shows us what Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s child would’ve looked like

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO
Image: Game of Thrones/HBO /

Though Game of Thrones characters Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen haven’t even met yet in George R.R. Martin’s books, we got to see them get together on the TV show. The final two seasons of the HBO adaptation didn’t exactly measure up to the ones previous, but the meeting between these two characters was very highly anticipated, and even with its missteps, mostly well-executed. Sadly, however, their relationship was short-lived, leaving fans with a feeling of “what if?”

Whether or not Dany and Jon were ever truly destined for one another is up for debate, but even the reveal that they’re related never stopped fans from rooting for them to be together. So what would’ve happened if the show went in a different route? If Daenerys didn’t burn down King’s Landing and Jon didn’t kill her, would they have stayed together?

What Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s child might look like

Reddit user @Ok_Macaroon_5224 had some fun with the AI tool Midjourney, which generates images based on prompts, to figure out what Jon and Dany’s child might look like. I definitely see the resemblance! All you have to do is hit the “view” button below to check out the image.

"I used Midjourney to create what I thought Jon and Dany’s son might look like, if they ever had a life u/Ok_Macaroon_5224 in gameofthrones"

Not bad at all. He does seem to be wearing Night’s Watch garb, however, which is most likely because images of Jon Snow circulating the internet have him wearing the same thing. But if Dany and Jon were to have a son, I highly doubt he would take the black. He’d be the Targaryen heir, and depending on whether or not Daenerys finally got the Iron Throne, he’d be next in line.

The Reddit user also posed the question in the comments of the thread of whether or not Jon and Dany would name their son Aegon, which is a pretty good guess. While Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen, he’s been going by Jon his whole life so we could assume he’d continue with that. Aegon is a family name in House Targaryen; if you’ve watched House of the Dragon or know Targaryen history you’ll know it’s been used many times.

We don’t know how Jon and Daenerys’ relationship will go in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, but we can bet on the two of them meeting at the very least.

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