Check out the beautiful art from the 2024 Song of Ice and Fire calendar

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO
Image: Game of Thrones/HBO /

Justin Sweet created beautiful art for the 2024 Song of Ice and Fire calendar, which is on sale right now! Westeros, this is your life.

The 2024 Song of Ice and Fire calendar is on sale as of last week, featuring a dozen beautiful images by artist Justin Sweet. You can purchase it at your local bookseller, or at Amazon if you’d rather not leave the house.

As usual, the art is gob-smackingly gorgeous. Let’s take a look, starting with the cover, which shows Rhaegar Targaryen watching Lyanna Stark frolic through a forest. This one has a Beren and Lúthien quality to it:

Next up, we have Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon surviving in the Dothraki Sea from the end of A Dance With Dragons:

Who wants ice spiders big as hounds? Cause we got ’em:

And speaking of Hounds…

Below: Coldhands. On Game of Thrones, this mysterious figure was eventually revealed to be Benjen Stark. In the books, who knows?

I love this image of King Aerys II Targaryen, drawn from inside his madness:

This one’s a deep cut: Bael the Bard, once the King Beyond the Wall, visits Winterfell:

Melisandre and Jon Snow atop the Wall:

A very creepy image of the Three-Eyed Raven Bran encounters in A Dance With Dragons:

Another deep cut: this is Shiera Seastar, the last Great Bastard of King Aegon IV Targaryen, in an intimate moment:

This calendar really leans into the mythological aspects of A Song of Ice and Fire. Here we see the legendary Ironborn ruler the Grey King:

Finally, a familiar sight: Arya Stark running around the Red Keep and encountering the dragon skulls in A Game of Thrones:

The 2024 Song of Ice and Fire calendar is on sale now!

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