King Aegon’s forces march through the forest on the House of the Dragon set

Image: House of Thrones/HBO
Image: House of Thrones/HBO /

Filming on the second season of House of the Dragon marches on, as do several many extras decked out in armor and riding on horses. Shooting is currently going on near Bourne Woods in Surray, England, and fans are taking pictures aplenty. There’s even a video of mounted soldiers riding by:

It seems like the photographer is hiding in the woods to record this. That’s commitment.

These appear to be forces loyal to King Aegon II Targaryen. You can tell because of the golden dragon sigil on their armor, colored that way in tribute to Aegon’s gold dragon Sunfyre, who we haven’t seen much of yet.

There are also a lot of green cloaks. Remember that Aegon’s faction is called “the greens.” That’s opposed to “the blacks,” the faction led by his half-sister Rhaenyra Targaryen.

You can really see the green outfits in this show, which also includes director Alan Taylor:

Taylor is directing Episodes 1 and 4 of the second season, so the sequence is going down in one of those.

Director Alan Taylor on the set of House of the Dragon

We’ve also seen images of Lannister and Hightower soldiers filming scenes in this area. Both of those houses are loyal to King Aegon, so whatever this sequence is, it involves a lot of greens.

That said, at least one shutterbug noted that he “spent 30 minutes with a lot of Targaryen & Velaryon soldiers in full costume.” The Velaryons, at least, are firmly fighting for the blacks, so their presence would complicate things. We haven’t seen any photographic proof of Velaryons in the area as of yet. It’s possible the photographer was just throwing out the names of some prominent houses.

We also have images of extras relaxing between takes:

With all of these images, we fans have been eating well during this shoot. So have the soldiers, it looks like:

The second season of House of the Dragon won’t air until sometime in 2024.

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