Men of the Night’s Watch ride in House of the Dragon season 2


HBO has been extremely busy of late shooting the second season of House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel show that pits brother against sister, dragon against dragon, and Daemon Targaryen vs good taste. Much of the filming is going on behind closed doors, but they’ve also been shooting a ton in Bourne Woods, in southern England.

Really, they look like they’re filming several different scenes in this one area; the potential for cross-contamination on the blooper reel is strong. So far, we’ve seen:

  • Director Alan Taylor is shooting a massive action sequence called the Battle at Rook’s Rest. We’ll likely see that in Episode 4.
  • Phoebe Campbell has showed up in costume as Rhaena Targaryen. If the show sticks to George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, she’ll head to the Vale in season 2.
  • The crew has dusted part of the forest with fake snow, suggesting we’ll be visiting the North.
  • There have even been hints that Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen) was on set, suggesting they could be shooting something set in the Riverlands.

Season 1 of House of the Dragon was pretty much, “King’s Landing and a couple of other places when we feel like it.” But season 2 will sprawl all over the place. We’ll visit new locations and meet new characters, including…

Video: Men of the Night’s Watch ride on the House of the Dragon season 2 set

Returning to that snow-dusted bit of forest, a new video from Redanian Intelligence shows men of the Night’s Watch riding by on horses. Watch it here.

We’ve known that we would be returning to the North for a while. In the season 1 finale, Rhaenyra Targaryen asks her son Jace (Harry Collett) to fly north and convince the young lord of Winterfell, Cregan Stark, to support her in her war against her half-brother Aegon Targaryen for the Iron Throne. In Fire & Blood, Jace does just that. We expect to watch that play out in season 2.

That said, we never see the Night’s Watch during this period of the book. But we know that HBO has reconstructed the Wall, so they’re adding something in. Our best guess is that Jace and Cregan will visit the Wall while Jace is in the area. I mean, Jace does have a dragon; might as well take it for a spin.

The second season of House of the Dragon will premiere on HBO and Max sometime in 2024.

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