Warner Bros. boss David Zaslav says Harry Potter content is “underused”


Harry PotterLord of the Rings, and the DCEU are amongst Warner Bros. Discovery’s biggest IPs. CEO David Zaslav is very aware of this, and wants to exploit those franchises to the fullest.

Zaslav spoke on the matter at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia and Technology Conference. “One of the other real strengths of Warner Bros. is we talk about the great IP that Warner Bros. owns. But, for us, the challenge is that our content, our great IP — Harry Potter, DC, Lord of the Rings — that content has been underused.”

Is Harry Potter content underused? It sure is!

One of the biggest points Zaslav made is about the Wizarding World. Other than the Fantastic Beasts series, which lived and died without much fanfare, it’s been years since there has been a new Harry Potter movie, and it’s about time we got something. I know there is a new Harry Potter TV show remake in the works at Max, but they’re essentially giving us another version of what we’ve already seen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a Deathly Hallows story? Or one about the four founders of Hogwarts? There is such a vast world and it’s a shame that we haven’t seen more of it.

Of course, as Zaslav said during his talk, they need to be “careful not to overuse the content.” Too much can take away the appeal, but the problem right now is that we’ve gotten next to nothing. “When you put those franchises in, it’s the best performing studio in the world. We need to deploy our best capital, and we need to do it with the best creative people in the world,” Zaslav said. I couldn’t agree more!

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