Early awards buzz for Sophie Turner’s lead role in Joan


Sophie Turner has been in the public eye for years, ever since she debuted as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones way back in 2011. She was a teenager then, and grew up in front of us onscreen. She earned her first Emmy nomination in 2019, for her work as Sansa on the final season of the HBO phenomenon.

Recently, Turner has been in the headlines because of her personal life, specifically her impending divorce from celebrity husband Joe Jonas. But stories change, and this time next year we may all be talking about Turner for a different reason: her performance as real-life diamond thief Joan Hannington in the upcoming TV series Joan.

The TV show will depict Joan’s life as she goes from being a housewife and mother to becoming a petty criminal to becoming a diamond thief and finally to a prominent figure in the London criminal underground in the ’80s, known to some as “the Godmother.” That does sound like a good story, doesn’t it?

The CW executive “really excited” about Sophie Turner’s new drama

Joan will air on ITV in the UK and on The CW in the U.S. CW executive Brad Schwartz is very high of the project, and on Turner’s performance in particular. “That will be a high-end, big-budget, scripted series with a huge star that should hit Q1 or Q2 for us,” he said on an episode of TV’s Top Five podcast.

"Joan with Sophie Turner, that is a co-production between us and ITV that was built together from scratch. That show’s just about to finish wrapping. That’s gonna be awards bait that show. The dailies look amazing, Sophie Turner is phenomenal, and I’m really, really excited about that one."

We don’t know exactly when Joan will premiere, but with any luck it could help net Turner her own little golden statue.

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