The Wheel of Time season 3 wraps filming, likely set for 2025 release: Here's what we know

The Wheel of Time season 3 is coming to Prime Video in 2025
Natasha O'Keeffe (Lanfear), Josha Stradowski (Rand al'Thor), Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred), Daniel Henney (Lan Mandragoran)
Natasha O'Keeffe (Lanfear), Josha Stradowski (Rand al'Thor), Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred), Daniel Henney (Lan Mandragoran) /

We have some good news and bad news about The Wheel of Time season 3! After learning production on the third season has officially wrapped in March 2024, we just learned that the new season isn't coming to Prime Video until 2025. That's the bad news!

No, we weren't anticipating The Wheel of Time season 3 would be released this year, but I know there were more than a few fans who were hoping Amazon would flip-flop The Wheel of Time season 3 and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2, which is supposed to come out later this year.

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news when announcing Rosamund Pike's role in Now You See Me 3. If the outlets are willing to report a 2025 release, there's likely enough information behind the scenes that means it's for sure not happening until next year.

We have the full scoop on that release update, along with possible episode titles for the third season.

Creator Rafe Judkins also gave fans an update about The Wheel of Time season 3. It's not about the release date, but Judkins told Deadline that season 3 premiere features a 15-minute action sequence that features "a bunch of women in their 40s and 50s shredding each other." He even called it "bonkers."

In the months since the season 2 finale aired, our team at Winter is Coming has learned so much new information about The Wheel of Time season 3, what’s going to happen to the Emond’s Field Five (Rand, Egwene, Nynaeve, Perrin, and Mat), the production timeline, cast, and more. We've also spoken with several cast members about season 2 and the upcoming season, and we're prepared to share everything we know so far about season 3, which is unfortunately quite far away from its premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

We’ll continue to share updates about The Wheel of Time season 3 as we learn more. The latest update for this story was on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

The Wheel of Time Season 2
Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred) /

Cast and crew finished filming The Wheel of Time season 3 in March 2024

Finally! Production on The Wheel of Time season 3 is complete. It took a long time, but the wheel weaves as the wheel wills, ya know?

News of filming wrapping on season 3 was shared on social media. The Wheel of Time's socials posted a video from the cast sharing the good news that production had officially wrapped. Rosamund Pike, Marcus Rutherford, Josha Stradowski, Ayoola Smart, and Daniel Henney.

In the video, Stradowski, who stars as Rand al'Thor, says, "And, I'm very, very excitd for the audience to see it."

The video ends with Henney telling fans, "It's going to be big." All right, all right, all right.

In late 2023, WoTSeries reported the cast and crew wrapped production in the Czech Republic for season 3 in the fall of 2023. A major portion of the show is filmed in the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe. That’s where the Two Rivers and the White Tower sets are located. We know those will be locations that we’ll see in the third season. The cast and crew, including Priyanka Bose, shared photos on social media from the show’s wrap party for the third season.

Production on season 3 continued in South Africa following the Europe wrap party through March 2024.

Production on The Wheel of Time season 3 reportedly began in the spring of 2023. Season 3 remained in production even after the SAG-AFTRA strike was called, since it’s an international production and therefore not beholden to all the rules of that union. WoTSeries reported the production paused for a pre-scheduled break in August before resuming in Slovenia in late September.

During the NYCC panel, executive producer Marigo Kehoe spoke about how The Wheel of Time was able to continue filming through the strikes and benefitted from having the scripts for all eight episodes written and ready to go before the WGA strike started in May:

"We were very lucky that we had eight scripts before we started so we were able to keep going. And the production team were unbelievable. Cast-wise, they’re on Equity contracts, not SAG contracts, so they were contracted and able to work. We’re one of very few shows, I think, that was able to keep going. We really were lucky, and I’m just very grateful for the huge team of people, the crew, because it’s been so tough for everybody."

TechRadar also reported that Daniel Henney, who stars as Lan, confirmed in late June that they got “a good chunk of [season 3] done.”

Originally, it looked like production on season 3 would wrap in November 2023. WoTseries reported that the cast and crew are in South Africa to finish production. It’s unclear how much they’ll be filming in South Africa, but it’s long been theorized to be the setting for the Aiel Waste, which Judkins confirmed would be a location at NYCC, along with Tanchico. As mentioned, production continued in South Africa until March 2024.

The Wheel of Time season 3
Hammed Animashaun (Loial), Maja Simonsen (Chiad), Ragga Ragnars (Bain), Ayoola Smart (Aviendha) /

The Wheel of Time season 3 release confirmed for 2025

We still don’t have a release date for The Wheel of Time season 3 even though production has wrapped. We don’t even have a release year, but we know this season is not coming in 2024, as noted by the Variety and The Hollywood Reporter reports from May 2024.

There's so much post-production work that needs to happen. Amazon isn't going to roll this one out until it's ready. If things go well, we might not be waiting long into 2025 for The Wheel of Time season 3. So much, in my opinion, depends on what they do with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2. If that premieres this fall, which is expected, we could, in theory, see The Wheel of Time season 3 sometime in the spring or summer of 2025.

Unfortunately, that means fans should plan on waiting a long time for The Wheel of Time season 3. We had to wait nearly two years after season 1 ended until season 2 arrived on Prime Video. We’re probably looking at a similar wait for season 3.

For now, prepare for a mid-2025 release date for The Wheel of Time season 3.

Estimated Release Date: Summer 2025

The Wheel of Time Season 2
Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred) in The Wheel of Time season 2. Image: Prime Video. /

The Wheel of Time season 3 cast

Amazon has not announced the full cast for The Wheel of Time season 3 yet. There are still some characters from Robert Jordan’s books that we are expecting will make an appearance in season 3 and beyond. We’ll share updates for The Wheel of Time season 3 cast as they’re announced.

We know the main cast will be back for The Wheel of Time season 3, including:

  • Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred
  • Josha Stradowski as Rand al’Thor
  • Marcus Rutherford as Perrin Aybara
  • Zoë Robins as Nynaeve al’Meara
  • Madeleine Madden as Egwene al’Vere
  • Daniel Henney as Lan Mandragoran
  • Dónal Finn as Mat Cauthon
  • Ceara Coveney as Elayne Trakand
  • Jay Duffy as Dain Bornhala
  • Arnas Fedaravicius as Masema Dagar
  • Natasha O’Keeffe as Lanfear
  • Ragga Ragnars as Bain
  • Maja Simonsen as Chiad
  • Meera Syal as Verin Mathwin
  • Ayoola Smart as Aviendha
  • Rima Te Wiata as Sheriam Bayanar
  • Kae Alexander as Min Farshaw
  • Hammed Animashaun as Loial
  • Priyanka Bose as Alanna Mosvanil
  • Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Leane Sharif
  • Kate Fleetwood as Liandrin Guirale
  • Emmanuel Imani as Ihvon
  • Johann Myers as Padan Fain
  • Taylor Napier as Maksim
  • Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche
  • Guy Roberts as Uno Nomesta
  • Laia Costa as Moghedien
  • Isabella Bucceri as Faile Bashere (unconfirmed)
  • Paul Maynard as Jac al’Seen
  • Nukâka Coster-Waldau
  • Synnøve Macody Lund
  • Björn Landberg

Recently, Rosamund Pike told TheWrap that fans should expect a lot more characters in season 3, which is obviously great news. This world is expanding.

"Actors are really flocking to come and be guest stars on our show. They know that we have a show with diversity at its core, where people are embraced to celebrate powerful figures in all their dimensions and we’ve got fantastic actresses of all ages coming to do amazing work on our show, and actors too. It is very exciting that people now know that this is a home that they can have for a few months, that they can come and do exciting work and play really unforgettable characters, and you’ll get a glimpse of some of them in Season 2 and way more in Season 3."

We do have some intel on the return of a character from the first season appearing in the third, along with a new cast member. In photos on social media from the season 3 wrap party, Isabella Bucceri, who is reportedly playing Faile Bashere, was in attendance.  Alexandre Willaume, who played Thom Merrilin in the first season, will return for season 3. Willaume confirmed his return on Instagram.

WOTSeries also confirmed Paul Maynard is joining the series Jac al'Seen.

In April 2024, WOTSeries also confirmed that Nukâka Coster-Waldau, the wife of Game of Thrones star Nikolai Coster-Waldau, joined the cast of season 3, along with Synnøve Macody Lund and Björn Landberg.

The series has not confirmed the new cast members for season 3, but we’re expecting that will happen soon. Stay tuned!

The Wheel of Time season 3

The Wheel of Time season 3 episode titles reportedly have been revealed

WoTSeries has the scoop on The Wheel of Time season 3 episode titles! Four episode titles have been revealed, and we shared them below along with the writer attached to each episode:

  • Episode 1: "To Race the Shadow" — Justine Juel Gillmer
  • Episode 2: "A Question of Crimson" ˆ— Katherine B. McKenna
  • Episode 7: "Goldeneyes" — Dave Hill
  • Episode 8: "He Who Comes With The Dawn" — Justine Juel Gillmer

Unfortunately, as Winter is Coming editor Daniel Roman mentioned in his breakdown of the episode titles, these might not be the actual titles. There's a chance that these episode titles could be used in place of the actual title. Basically, production needs a title to keep things organized, but they don't always want everyone associated with filming to know the actual title.

Sarah Nakamura, who is a consultant for the series, mentioned as much on TikTok and explained why it's important to keep some episode titles secret, even if that's not the case here.

The Wheel of Time season 2 ending and how it sets up season 3

A lot goes down in Falme in The Wheel of Time season 2 finale, “What Was Mean to Be.” There are several significant plot turns that set up season 3:

  • Lanfear betrays Ishamael and brings Rand to Falme too soon, before Ishamael is ready. Lanfear also strategically places Moiraine and Lan away from Falme but close enough they can help with the big fight.
  • The Children of the Light arrive in Falme and lay siege to the city. The Seanchen are overwhelmed. Egwene and the Damane are brought to the top of a tower to unleash their fury. All hell breaks loose when a catapult strikes the tower, killing most of the Sul’dam and Damane.
  • Rand sees Egwene held captive and being used by the Seanchan and tries to rescue her, something Ishamael fully anticipates.
  • Ishamael sends some of the Damane out on ships and uses them to shield Rand from the One Power. Mat arrives and tries to kill Ishamael, but it’s a trap. Mat, who has just blown the Horn of Valere which turns the tide in the battle, throws the ruby-hilted dagger that he made into a makeshift spear, but it goes through Ishamael and right into Rand’s stomach. He’s dying, and Ishamael is about to land the killing blow.
  • Egwene, who killed Renna by collaring her, jumps in the way and shields Rand, which gives Perrin, Nynaeve and Elayne time to arrive to help.
  • Moiraine uses her powers to destroy the Seanchen ships, which frees Rand, and Rand kills Ishamael with a sword!
  • Moghedien, another one of the Forsaken, confronts Lanfear and lets her know that she knows that Lanfear betrayed Ishamael. And worse, the rest of the Forsaken are free. Yikes!

So, how does season 2 set up season 3? Well, Rand, Egwene, Nynaeve, Perrin, and Mat are back together again, finally. Will they stay together? They each have different skillsets and have made new friends along the way.

We also know that Rand has revealed himself to the world. The Dragon Reborn is here, and word travels quickly. New allies and enemies will surely arise. When Winter is Coming spoke with Josha Stradowski, who plays Rand, about season 3, Stadowski revealed we're going to see Rand come into his role as the Dragon Reborn soon.

" I feel like season 3, he's finally facing it. As an audience, we finally get to see why Rand is the Dragon. Not only see, but like feel it, you know, apart from the prophecies. He was born there and, you know, old bloods, that kind of stuff...the whole prophecies. We get to see why he actually is the Dragon. And that also means being the most dangerous man alive, probably. Just the bits and pieces, you know. It's like...glimpses. That's a good word."

The Forsaken have been unleashed on the world, and if we thought Lanfear was bad, well, let’s just say it could have been and will be worse.

Liandrin actress Kate Fleetwood spoke to Winter is Coming about season 3 and mentioned higher stakes now that the Forsaken have been brought more into the mix.

" It's always about the stakes. I think that's been, personally, one of the most successful things in season 2, with the Forsaken being introduced it's just made the whole thing, the stakes and the conflict and the fracture and the tension...and everything got much darker and the stakes have just gone, [makes an explosion noise]. The jeopardy is just now so much bigger, you know? That's for everybody, that includes Liandrin as well."

The Wheel of Time season 2 finale also killed off a bunch of characters, but there were seven major deaths by my count, including:

  • Gregg Chillingirian as Ingtar Shinowa
  • Fares Fares as Ishamael
  • Daniel Francis as Turak
  • Xelia Mendes-Jones as Renna
  • Stuart Graham as Geofram Bornald
  • Hopper the wolf
  • Karima Adebibe as High Lady Suroth

I think about six of those seven characters, despite having larger roles in the books, are going to stay dead on The Wheel of Time. You know, you just know, that this was not the last we’ve seen of Ishamael. We might not see him in season 3, but I have a strong feeling Fares Fares will be back as Ishamael at some point. And we still have to meet the rest of the Forsaken.

The Wheel of Time season 3
Marcus Rutherford (Perrin Aybara), Ayoola Smart (Avienda), Ragga Ragnars (Bain), and Maja Simonsen (Chiad) in The Wheel of Time season 2 – Credit: Prime Video /

Season 3 is based the fourth book of The Wheel of Time series, The Shadow Rising 

Everyone wants to know what book The Wheel of Time season 3 is going to adapt and what events the season will cover. Luckily, Rafe Judkins, the creator of the series, revealed to Decider that The Wheel of Time season 3 will adapt the fourth book of Robert Jordan’s series, The Shadow Rising.

There are 14 books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. The first season adapted the first book, The Eye of the World, while the second season pulled from the second and third books, The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn.

The Shadow Rising is one of the longest books of the series, so it’s possible we could stay there for the entirety of season 3. There’s also a chance Judkins and the creative team could start to bring in stories from the fifth book, The Fires of Heaven.

What’s new in season 3?

Season 3 is going to be the biggest season of the series so far. There's new locations and new characters on the way, too!

Showrunner Rafe Judkins also shared a bunch of information about the new season during an appearance at New York Comic Con 2023 in mid-October. According to Judkins, season 3 is going to explore Rhuidean and the Aiel Waste! Everyone is hyped for the new locales. Here’s what he said on the panel:

"One nice thing about season 3 is that we really get to focus on one book this season, which is book four, which is one of the best books in the entire series. So I’m glad that we get to really spend a whole season doing it. And I just flew back about 36 hours through 3 continents and arrived here today ’cause I was standing in Rhuidean and then I flew here. So that is one thing that fans will get to see for sure in season three: the Aiel Waste."

Judkins also touched on more specific storylines featuring the Aiel, their warriors, and Tel’Aran’Rhiod, also known as the world of dreams.

"We get to go really meet them and see them go to where they’re from. We also get to explore with some of our characters the world of dreams and dreamwalking, and I think that’s a really cool thing to get to do in season three because it is one of those unique elements in Wheel of Time that no other book series really has."

Those aren’t the only locations and cultures that season 3 will explore. Judkins revealed that they are going to Tanchico in season 3, and teased the introduction of the Sea Folk:

"There’s one more place I’m allowed to talk about, too. We shot it just a couple of weeks ago…we have built a Sea Folk ship and cast some Sea Folk. So we’ll get to see the world of that, which you don’t know anything about yet but you will soon."

Oh, and there are more of the Forsaken. We already know that Laia Costa, who plays Moghedien, will be in season 3. During the panel, Judkins also revealed that there will be another Forsaken in season 3 that has not been announced yet. He referenced chatter online about who will be introduced, who will play the character, and more, but he didn’t spoil it.

"We really felt like the Forsaken are such an incredible part of the books, and we wanted to bring them to the forefront in season two, earlier than they really are forefronted in the books. I’ve seen some very serious commentary online about the Forsaken and who may not be in the show, but I can confirm that we have cast and put on set a Forsaken you have not seen in the show as of yet."

If they can avoid it, I’d hope they keep this a secret as long as possible. I absolutely loved the Moghedien reveal in the season 2 finale.

Judkins revealed another big piece of intel about season 3. He said the new season will focus more on Rand and Perrin. Where season 2 followed Nynaeve and Egwene’s journey more closely, Rand and Perrin are getting that treatment in season 3!

"The first season was more of the group journey that had the one big Moraine episode, but for seasons two and three, we’ve really carved out two episodes of season that can really be devoted characters. This season was a really big Egweyne and Nynaeve season for us. Next season is a really big Rand [and] Perrin season for us. There are always different characters who are rising in importance."

Season 3 leaks and spoilers

It's hard to keep straight all of the news, leaks, and spoilers spilling out about The Wheel of Time season 3. Some big rumors about the Tanchico storyline are circulating online. Winter is Coming editor Daniel Roman broke down those rumors and why they matter, especially considering who will be involved with the Tanchico storyline and how it could differ from the story in the book.

Dónal Finn, who plays Mat Cauthon, Kae Alexander, who plays Min, and Alexandre Willaum, who plays Thom Merrlin, were spotted near the Tanchico set in South Africa. They are not in the stories we know from Tanchico in The Shadow Rising, so this could be a big change in the third season.

We also have the first look at an episode title for season 3 of The Wheel of Time. This comes from another report via WOTSeries! We don't know the full list of episode titles yet, but they are reporting the seventh episode of season 3 is titled "Goldeneyes," which is a reference to Perrin.

We'll share the full episode titles for The Wheel of Time season 3 when they are revealed.

In late January 2024, a leaked audition tape for The Wheel of Time season 3 revealed that another Forsaken might be in the mix for season 3. The scoop comes, again, from WoTseries which revealed that Sammael is joining the third season. As we all know, the character was teased in the season 2 finale. Now, it seems that tease was perfectly placed to introduce the character in the new season.

Obviously, we're expecting even more seasons of The Wheel of Time, so it's possible that Sammael could be introduced later in the series. We'll just have to wait and see.

That’s what we know so far about The Wheel of Time season 3. We’ll share more information as we get closer to the release of season 3.


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