Jason Mantzoukas has already recorded Invincible season 3, says it’s “bananas”

Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video
Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video /

Last month, Amazon Prime Video premiered the first half of Invincible season 2, and it was pretty amazing, but now fans are impatiently awaiting the final four episodes. The wait time between seasons has been pretty crazy so far; there was a two-year gap between seasons 1 and 2. However, you’ll be glad to know that the production process has been refined and streamlined, meaning no more arduous waits.

In fact, star Jason Mantzoukas (Rex Splode) has already recorded lines for season 3. In an interview at the Percy Jackson premiere, shared on Reddit, Mantzoukas confirmed that work on season 3 is very much underway… and it’s absolutely crazy. “Ooh I can’t wait. ‘Cause I’ve already recorded season 3, and it’s bananas,” he said.

Season 2 isn’t even over yet; we’re only midway through. So far, Mark Grayson has had to both work alone in saving Earth and also travel the cosmos, meeting his father on a faraway planet and fighting a trio of brutal Viltrumite. It’s pretty bananas already.

Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video
Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video /

Robert Kirkman teases more Walking Dead stars joining Invincible season 3!

As the creator of The Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman has a good relationship with the cast of the show. So far, he’s managed to get a few of them on board to lend their voices to Invincible, including Steven Yeun (Invincible) and Ross Marquand (who voiced numerous characters including The Immortal). Turns out this is merely the beginning. Season 3 will be adding more stars from the zombie series.

“Season 3 is very far along… When I talk about the actors that we have for Season 2, it is a minefield,” Kirkman said, per ScreenRant. “There’s so many in Season 3 that we have to talk about. If you think the cast expanded for Season 2, just wait until you hear about who we’re getting in the show in Season 3. That might give you an indication as to how far we’re going. There’s just so much big stuff planned… It’s possible that there may be some more Walking Dead alums that may be popping into Invincible at some point.”

Who could be getting in on the action? Andrew Lincoln? Danai Gurira? I’m betting on Jeffrey Dean Morgan, since he recently joined Prime Video’s other superhero series, The Boys.

Invincible season 2, part 2 is set to premiere early 2024 on Prime Video.

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