Death of the Endless appears in the Dead Boy Detectives trailer!

The latest trailer for Netflix's Sandman Universe show 'Dead Boy Detectives' features the familiar face of Death, played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste!
The Sandman. Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death in episode 106 of The Sandman. Cr. Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix © 2022
The Sandman. Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death in episode 106 of The Sandman. Cr. Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix © 2022 /

Later this month, Netflix will premiere Dead Boy Detectives, a show set in the same continuity as their show The Sandman, based on the comic book by Neil Gaiman. And naturally with spinoffs, fans can expect crossovers. On that front, Netflix isn't holding secrets close; they want fans to know that this is very much intertwined with The Sandman. Even Death herself, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, shows up in the latest trailer... albeit briefly.

For those new to Dead Boy Detectives, the show follows deceased duo Edwin Payne (George Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri). Rather than entering the afterlife, the pair decides to remain in the mortal world as paranormal investigators, solving cases that would otherwise be forgotten.

The trailer is fantastic. It's got that classic Neil Gaiman feel. The inspired use of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" will certainly get Umbrella Academy fans on board! Check it out for yourself:

The most notable part of this trailer is when Death of the Endless shows up. Her role in the show always seemed inevitable, given a large part of the plot involves the titular duo trying to escape Death. Previous trailers have teased her appearance as well, giving us glimpses of her wings.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste has made a big impression on fans despite only appearing in one half of an episode of The Sandman so far. Episode 6, "The Sound of Her Wings," is currently the show's highest-rated episode on IMDb.

Death will return in The Sandman season 2

Dead Boy Detectives aside, Death will play a much bigger role in The Sandman season 2, which is currently filming. "I think fans are gonna be really excited to have these stories expanded and have the complexities, and the family and, and all of those dynamics, see them even more this season, this continuation of episodes,” Howell-Baptiste told Collider of The Sandman season 2.

Whether Dead Boy Detectives has any further crossovers in store, let's wait and see. All eight episodes in season 1 premiere on Netflix on April 25!

Next. sandman season 2. The Sandman season 2 could have 12 episodes, will adapt classic stories from the comics. dark

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