The cast of Outlander gets silly trying to say 'Sassanech' just like Sam Heughan

Even after all these years, it appears Sam Heughan is the only actor on Outlander who can say the word "Sassanech" perfectly.
Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22
Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22 /

The cast of Outlander got silly this week as STARZ shared them saying the word 'Sassanech' over and over again. They all attempted to say the word — a derogatory Scottish term for an English person — just as their costar Sam Heughan does, and while some didn't do so bad, others failed in the best way possible.

Given that the current Droughtlander is going on longer than expected, it is nice that STARZ and the cast and crew of Outlander are providing some extra fun content to bide the time. Of course it should be pointed out that this video was not recently filmed and was actually released ahead of the Season 7A premiere last year. But hey, there's no harm in going back and remembering the good times as we wait for some more, right?

In this clip, you'll see Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, John Bell, Richard Rankin, and others trying to do their best to live up to Heughan's ability to say 'Sassanech' effortlessly. It's really quite entertaining, but it just doesn't sound the way Heughan says it. He just has this way, right? I think my personal favorite mess-up has to be Sophie Skelton's as she says "Sassy-nech":

And as for what the timeline is for Outlander season 7B and season 8? Well, it's been previously announced that the second half of season 7 will premiere in November 2024. No premiere date for timeline has been announced for season 8, however.

Filming for Outlander Season 8 has begun, and as Heughan has stated, it has been a very emotional journey. Saying goodbye to a character you have played for over a decade is never easy, and the process has been "bittersweet," according to comments he made during Paris' Roster Con.

I can only imagine what the final day of filming will be like, and how rough it will be for the cast and crew to put all of this behind them. But the fans will be getting an opportunity to usher in a new chapter of this story in the form of a prequel series called Outlander: Blood of My Blood, which is about the parents of Jamie and Claire and which will feature younger versions of characters we know from the flagship show like Murtagh and Colum.

I'm certainly looking forward to what this new series has in store for the fans, especially we we prepare to bid goodbye to the original series.

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