The Witcher season 4: Meet Geralt's hansa

The Witcher season 4 will introduce Geralt's hansa, a fellowship of companions with whom he'll travel the Continent. Let's get to know them better!
The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.
The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. /
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The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Joey Batey as Jaskier and Meng'er Zhang as Milva. /


The archer Milva is another key member of the hansa, and like Jaskier, we've already met her in the TV show. She was played in season 3 by Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Meng'er Zhang.

As we've already seen, Milva is originally tasked by the dryads of Brokilon Forest with helping Geralt recover after he's broken by Vilgefortz. She's a no-nonsense companion who is just as quick to tell Geralt he's being an idiot as she is to fire expertly-aimed arrows in his defense.

Despite her emotional walls, Milva actually has a huge heart, which usually shines through even when she's pretending like it won't. We got a glimpse of that in the season 3 finale, when she told Geralt she wouldn't help him only to show up at the last minute in order to save him from Nilfgaardian soldiers. Expect more of that dynamic moving forward.

And that's all of the members of Geralt's hansa that we've met. Now we get into the characters haven't joined yet:

The Witcher season 3
The Witcher season 3. Cahir (Eamon Farren), Ciri (Freya Allan), and Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill). Image: Netflix. /

Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach

We may not have seen Cahir join up with Geralt quite yet, but we know who he is. Played by Eamon Farren, Cahir first appeared in the series premiere of The Witcher, where he led the Nilfgaardian forces that sacked Cintra and captured Princess Ciri.

Since then, the Nilfgaardian commander has had a long, winding road to redemption. When last we saw him in season 3, he finally crossed paths with Ciri at Thanedd, only to surprise her by apologizing for all the wrongs he'd done her and asking for her to take his life. Instead of dying by the Princess of Cintra's blade, Cahir stayed behind to fight off Scoia'tael forces in order to buy Ciri time to get away. We don't see what happens to him after that.

In the books, Cahir is captured and shipped back to Nilfgaard to stand punishment for his "betrayal" for failing to capture Ciri. Geralt and his hansa stumble across Cahir after defeating the group of soldiers holding him captive. Cahir then offers to join in their quest to find Ciri.

Geralt and Cahir have an interesting relationship. At first, Geralt refuses to allow Cahir to join his group, but after the Nilfgaardian follows them for a while, the witcher eventually relents and accepts his help. Cahir provides a wonderful counterpoint to Geralt, because they are both seeking Ciri for their own reasons and often clash over ideologies — at least until Geralt comes to trust Cahir more fully.

Given Cahir's big turn near the end of season 3, this is a relationship I'm especially excited to see in season 3. Farren has done a great job with the character so far, and Cahir's best material is yet to come.