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Šibenik officially confirmed as shooting location for Game of Thrones season 5

St James Cathedral in Šibenik

The town of Šibenik, Croatia, has been rumored to be a new location for Game of Thrones since May, with one Croatian site stating that filming was “definitely” going to happen, and mentions of Šibenik on Embassy Films’ application for extras work.

Finally this week, in a public statement from Deputy Mayor Danijel Mileta, town officials confirmed the show will be shooting in September.

The announcement, however, has been met with some local controversy. According to Š, HBO has had trouble securing one location in the center of town due to a bishop’s objections. Because of the content and themes of Game of Thrones, the bishop has decided he doesn’t want the diocese-managed building to be a part in the project.

Given the area being discussed and the diocese’s involvement, the site is almost certainly the Cathedral of St. James. The potential location is referred to as an important one for season five, and it requires actors to pass through the portal. The structure would be recognizable, pointing to exterior shots. The Cathedral’s ornate portal is distinct, as are some other aspects of its exterior, such as the heads on the facade of the building.

Meetings are allegedly continuing this week in an effort to resolve the matter.

The search for extras in Šibenik continues this summer, with casting being held on July 21st, in the town hall from 2PM to 7PM. People interested are to contact Embassy Films only through the Facebook page set up for the casting.

Ours is the Fury: There are a lot of ways they could use the town of Šibenik, as people have speculated in past comment threads. If they are looking to use the Cathedral of St. James, though, it seems like it would be great for House of Black and White exteriors. Thanks to Rabbit for the heads up on Šibenik!


  • Hopefully they manage to secure the church. It looks great. All it needs is a black/white gate.

  • jentario,

    That would have be CGI or whatever. That’s a UNESCO world site, they can’t be painting anything. The door is already dark/black-looking. Not sure it really needs to be black and white, anyway.

  • Ours is the Fury,
    I guess they can have a similarly looking gateway with a black/white door and edit it as if it’s in the church. Or CGI. Or cut it altogether. It just seems like one of those small details that they’d choose to keep.

  • Hugo Viegas,

    Really? I think it’s pretty obvious Sibenik is Braavos. I don’t expect to see Oldtown until season 6 (too many new characters and locations for one season, and it would only appear in the end anyway).

  • I would personally think that the cathedral would also be a great seat of the holy faith and the faith militant.

  • jentario:

    How about the already established Sept of Baelor??


    How about the already established Sept of Baelor??

    The Sept of Baelor has one room which is very fitting for quite a few scenes. If the holy faith takes on a bigger role then having mutliple rooms would make the storylines less repetitive. I think that it would be great to have a ‘private’ chamber for the high septon or a special chamber for the most devout.

  • davy,

    Well, all of the locations in Sibenik will be used for external shots. If they want more internal sets (such as a couple more rooms to the Sept of Baelor) they’ll just build the sets in Ireland.

  • jentario,

    It certainly looks like it could be the outside of the Sept of the Baelor though the House of the Undying is a possibility as well. Really geeked to see all these beautiful new place they’ll use for shooting.

  • That looks so perfect for HoBaW!

    Does anyone know when filming starts? Have they announced it? Not just for this specific location. I mean in general.

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger,

    At the end of July. I don’t think we know more than that. But it pretty much means that it has to happen within the next two to three weeks tops. Maybe even as soon as next week. Maybe this is the time to start stalking twitter accounts.

  • They’ve mentioned the end of July for filming, and we know there will be loads of sightings in Belfast when filming’s about to start. There always is.

  • This really could be for the house of black and white, It’ll look cool whith a little cgi on it.

    Any Greyjoys news anyone??? Am I the only one worried about this?

  • Came here to point out the irony of FanSided’s poll today. “Have you accidentally ready a GoT spoiler?”. Well yes I’m sure some non-book readers have courtesy of FS’s idiotic placement and timing of headlines, polls, etc.

  • Off-topic for this thread, but couldn’t think of a better place to discuss it. Slate walled off its Game of Thrones podcasts to Slate Plus, but after they finished put them all in one place you can access here.

  • I did locations work for more than a decade. No nut is as consistently hard to crack as your average Catholic diocese. They own a ton of real estate, good real estate, and they often do not play well with others.

  • I am glad that they will be filming in that location. Croatia has some breathtaking sites, no doubt…

    As for the so-called controversy…really a catholic bishop has problems with the content and themes of “Game Of Thrones”…need I point out the irony here ?! Wow the stench of bullshit and hypocrisy is wafting strongly with this one…

  • Fan of Catelyn,

    It’s obviously going to be Braavos, but there’s a chance it will double as other cities as well: White Harbor, Volantis and possibly Oldtown (though I am almost sure that is season 6 material).

  • jentario,

    I don’t know, if Sam is travelling to Oldtown, his story arc this season should probably end with him arriving there. But wasn’t there a picture from a potential Spanish location a while back that looked quite perfect for Oldtown?

  • It may well be that Šibenik is to double as Braavos but it doesn’t really match my impressions of what the city looks like, it should have an identity quite different to anywhere else I think ( and foggy!). But for practical reasons ( fairly close to Dubrovnik ) it makes sense.

    I like this fan art layout map of Braavos

    and it’s a pity that they can’t use Trieste which has a nice canal although the buildings are too recognisably modern ( well 17th/18th century). Also Rijeka would be another option but maybe too far away.

    They could of course concentrate on the bay at Šibenik and go for the dockside look rather than the canals but then wherefore Cat of the Canals?

  • I agree that it would make a great House of Black and White but the need for extras and controversy over content makes me imagine it as the beginning of the walk of shame.

  • Incest, fratricide, slavery, bigotry, misogyny, corruption, assassinations, authoritarianism, torture, people being burned because of their religion… yeah, I wouldn’t want my church to be associated with that shit either.

    I understand him.

    Though I’m afraid ASOIAF has much fewer plot holes.