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Game of Thrones Season 4 coming to Blu-ray and DVD on February 17

HBO has just announced that Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season will be released on February 17, 2015.

The official box art has been unveiled, as well as some details on the bonus content we can expect. The usual roundtable discussions, on-set interviews, audio commentaries, and animated histories will be included, as well as features on the Battle for the Wall, the Bastards of Westeros, and a special sit-down with Byran Cogman and those we lost in Season 4.

The Blu-ray set with Digital Copy will be available for $79.98, while the DVD set will be available for $59.99.

Full details below:


Nominated for 19 Emmy Awards® Including Outstanding Drama Series

Available February 17, 2015 on Blu-rayTM with Digital Copy, DVD & Digital HD
Loaded with Exclusive Bonus Content Including Comprehensive Guides & Illustrated Histories

“The most epic, ambitious show on television” (Chicago Sun-Times) is back and bigger than ever when Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season hits stores this winter. Season 4 of the hit HBO series, which broke ratings records and topped The Sopranos® to become the most popular show in the network’s history, was nominated for 19 Emmy® awards including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Peter Dinklage) and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Lena Headey). One of the best-selling TV on BD/DVD titles in each of its years of release, Game of Thrones follows the noble families of Westeros as they battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms. Available February 17, 2015 on Blu-ray with Digital Copy ($79.98), DVD ($59.99) and Digital HD, Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season is packed with exclusive new bonus content including roundtable discussions, on-set interviews, audio commentaries, and brand new animated histories giving fans hours of extensive, never-before-seen material.

Blu-ray with Digital Copy – includes all DVD features plus:

  • In-Episode Guide – In-feature resource that provides background information about on-screen characters, locations and relevant histories.
  • Histories & Lore – Learn about the mythology of Westeros as told from the varying perspectives of the characters themselves.


  • Behind the Battle for the Wall – Follow the cast and crew as they create the most ambitious battle to date. This 30-minute documentary explores the challenges of putting together one of the series’ most intense episodes, with never-before-seen material.
  • The Fallen: A Roundtable – Writer Bryan Cogman sits down with a few of the many cast members who meet their demise in Season 4. From first learning of their deaths to shooting their final scenes, this 30-minute feature will shed light on what it’s like to live-and die-in the Game of Thrones world.
  • The Politics of Power: A Look Back at Season 3 – Revisit the brutal events of Season 3 to see power shifts that define Westeros at the start of Season 4.
  • Bastards of Westeros – Hear showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss and author George R.R. Martin discuss the role bastards play in the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes – Two deleted scenes.
  • Audio Commentaries – Commentaries with cast and crew including showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Pedro Pascal, Aiden Gillen and more!


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  • The art cover looks SO much better with a black background, instead of the horrendous blue/white one.

  • Season 5 directors announced:

    Episodes 501 and 502: Michael Slovis (episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad, NBC’s Law & Order: SVU)
    Episodes 503 and 504: Mark Mylod (episodes of Showtime’s Shameless and HBO’s Entourage)
    Episodes 505 and 506: Jeremy Podeswa (episodes of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s The Tudors)
    Episodes 507 and 508: Miguel Sapochnik (episodes of Fox’s House and Fringe)
    Episodes 509 and 510: David Nutter (known as “the pilot whisperer” for his track record in getting pilots picked up to series; Nutter directed four epiosdes of Thrones, plus many other shows)

  • Winter is Hodoring!!!! Blu-Ray set #4 for my collection, Feb. 17th can’t come soon enough.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Nice to see both D&D take a break from directing!
    They have enough on their plates without that…

    I’m intrigued to see how 5 directors doing back-to-back episodes works out as well.

  • IMO, Season 3’s case was the worst. Why did they have to make it so light colored. It looks so out of place next to the other.


    Not to mention every time I look at the front, all I think of is Dany crowd-surfing….

  • Darquemode,

    It’s also interesting that there are 4 new directors. Only David Nutter has directed an episode of the series before.

  • The cover art looks fantastic. I might be forced to get this one if they only give us the Stark, Lannister, Targaryen houses again as alternates

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Podeswa was originally supposed to direct “Blackwater” but dropped out last minute, so it’s good they finally got him back. Slovis, is a good choice too. The other two I’m unfamiliar with. Nutter will be a welcome return though.

  • I bet one of the deleted scenes is another Mance one. Him talking about the horn of Joramund

  • deekan,

    The box art for the covers is the same as the sleeve itself. So no reason not to get season 3 if u didn’t like the original box art :p

  • Turncloak:

    The box art for the covers is the same as the sleeve itself. So no reason not to get season 3 if u didn’t like the original box art :p

    I may be wrong. I’ll have to go home and check real quick

  • Mmmm…sexy…Way better than the original season 4 poster with the ridiculous blue background.

  • Too fucking long HBO! Let people who want to purchase the series buy it a couple of months after the Season ends, not 8 (9?) months down the road right before Season 5 airs…

  • I don’t know why they don’t release it during Christmas time. For fuck sakes make it happen HBO!

  • Once again missing Christmas. So many people would love to have S4 as an Xmas gift, I don’t get why HBO ignore that.

  • That would be hilarious if one of the deleted scenes was Lady Stoneheart or an extended version of Tywin letting loose in the chamberpot.

  • Sheriff Bullock,

    1) Christmas is glutted, a February release is all their own
    2) Releasing a month or so before the next season gives them a month of new content and press attention to bolster the roll-out of new episodes.

  • Turncloak,

    If I had to guess:

    1. The Jon scene where he talks about the world falling apart.
    2. A scene where Myranda is killed by Ramsay.

  • Nick_Scryer: Sansan fans will be happy that the Hound and Sansa are facing each other too :)

    Totally happy, first thing I noticed. Sansa and Sandor, that looks perfect. I love their story so much. :)

  • Regarding episode commentaries, there’s one I feel 100% comfortable predicting:

    Episode 4.05 (“First Of His Name”) – Sophie, Maisie and Isaac

    This bold guess is possible as it’s the only episode in the season that all three of them are in. Though (unlike last season’s awful choice) they’ve all got good material in that episode.

  • Sean C.,

    I imagine they’ll do an episode that features them and doesn’t include nudity. For s1 and 2, they had to skip the nude scenes in the episodes they watched, but in s3 they watched the Climb. First of His Name fits the bill for both qualifications.

  • Major question: I watch using HBO Go: the “In-episode guide” feature still appears for the first three seasons but is seemingly absent from Season 4. Is anyone else having this problem? Did it disappear? But now there will be SOME form of guide on the Blu-ray?

    Over at the Game of Thrones Wiki we’ve used the In-episode guide as a vital source for factoids, creator comments, and particularly for images that don’t exist anywhere else (our only clear shots of the heraldry for certain Houses are what appears in the “In-Episode Guide”).

  • Noticed that Aiden Gillen will be doing a commentary for the first time. That should be good.

  • The Dragon Demands,

    They didn’t do those in-episode for season 4. All the extras that used to appear in the in-episode guide started appearing in the HBO Viewer’s Guide for that episode (like the bonus videos) or on MakingGameofThrones (the costume and props closeups) subsequently. It’s a shame, because some things, like those factoids that clarified bits, won’t be on either of those sites.

  • Greenjoes:

    I imagine they’ll do an episode that features them and doesn’t include nudity. For s1 and 2, they had to skip the nude scenes in the episodes they watched, but in s3 they watched the Climb. First of His Name fits the bill for both qualifications.

    The second qualification is kind of irrelevant, seeing as no other episodes meet the first qualification.

  • I love black/dark cover! Reminds me of the now iconic Season One cover with Ned sitting on the Iron Throne. It is a great design no doubt. I find that to be true for all of the HBO DVD-sets I own, and I’ve amassed quite a few of them…

    As others have pointed out, I wish they had gone with this texture and design for the oficial promo of the entire Season Four. I don’t mind the original white background with the blueish hue, but I much prefer this one!

  • I always get sad when I see these beautiful fold out box sets that you guys get in the States.
    Here in Aus, we get 6 discs packed into a single slim jewel case and only the cover art. No love at all.
    At the conclusion of the series I might have to invest in a complete series set from the USA

  • Ugh, they’re still using that horrible tagline. It looks so ridiculous to anyone unfamiliar with the show, even a lot people who are fans probably don’t know where that line comes from or why the show is using it.

  • I hope we get commentaries with Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Iain Glen and Kit Harington like in the other seasons.

  • I haven’t even looked at all the extras on season two and three yet!

    Well, it’ll give me something to do while waiting for the new season to come out.