A Game of Thrones House Sigil for all 50 States

We’ve seen Game of Thrones sigils for everything from sports teams to television shows, but now we can add all 50 American States to the list.

With the help of the HBO’s generator, Reddit user boo-yay has created a sigil for each of the 50 states, as well as the four US territories and the District of Columbia. Drawing obvious inspiration from the state flags for the sigil backgrounds, the state words proved a little trickier, he says he “either used the states motto, “tweaked” the motto, went by the state slogan, or made a play on the states nickname or popular saying.”

Browse through all of the creations below:


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  • What do other people think of their state’s sigil? I can’t say I’m impressed with Minnesota’s. A red circle with a bow and arrow with a dark blue and gold background? Don’t see the connection. A loon on a water blue background would’ve worked. Something to link to the lakes. Or something to link to winter since that’s what most people connect with MN. Frankly just the Stark sigil with the north star motto would’ve been better. Maybe it’s just because I connect a weapon going through a red circle with House Martell, but this looks like a southern state sigil.

  • I live in Arizona and I can say that ours is by far the best and it’s not up for debate

  • I like Wisconsin’s. It’s a nice play on the state flag and thank GOD it has nothing to do with the Packers, beer, or cheese.

  • I’m a little underwhelmed with Colorado’s sigil. First of all, they simply recreated the flag of the state. Including a mountain or two might have been a more logical and creative approach. Also, the state motto, Nil Sine Numine, is commonly mistranslated to “Nothing Without Providence”. The people that decided on that motto clearly intended the interpretation to be “Nothing Without the Deity”. Since this is GoT/ASOIAF/Westeros I propose that it should state “Nothing Without the Gods”

    (I would suggest “Nothing Without The Seven”, but I worship the Old Gods, so… :P )

    Nonetheless, I love it when people are so transfixed by this story that they would choose to spend their time doing things like this. In that regard, I applaud their efforts.

  • Whoever made the Wisconsin sigil, clearly is not from Wisconsin. Purple and Gold? Really? Really!?

    It’s like a Minnesota person is trolling us.

  • Massachusetts looks good. Not sure what that motto is supposed to mean though

    Oh and New Hampshire? Ocean waves??? Not a whole lot of New Hampshire touches the ocean. About 3 or 4 towns, between Massachusetts and Maine is all.

  • I don’t understand the motto for house Louisiana ? I mean is that supposed to be French ? I’m French and what is written on it looks like gibberish…

    At least have the grammar mistakes fixed to “Laissez le bon temps rouler”. (litterally: Leave the good time roll)

  • Upon further review these mottos are hilarious. Though I fear, not intentionally so……..

    California: “It has been found”

    Idaho: “Let it be perpetual”

    Maryland: “Manly deads, womanly words”

    Oregon: “Things look different here”

    Wyoming: “No place on earth”

    Guam: Where days begin

    ………WHAT?!?! haha

  • Hawaii – “Aloha”

    … kay.

    Don’t mind the color choice, teal and blue. A more floral or “birthed from the lava” red-colored theme may have fit in better.

    Not sure on the bird. Volcanoes or perhaps a nod to Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes would have been a better choice.

    Still, pretty novel idea all around.

  • House Illinois:

    Anything for a price

    Votes, CDL licenses, lake dumping rights, college admission, Senate seats… Remember Blago anyone?? ;-/

  • I’m not American, but I’ve been around America a lot for my job and most of these are awful.

    They don’t project anything really about the state. Florida… Bring on the thunder? Really? Yes its hot in Florida, and yes most days around 3pm a thunder storm rolls through… But Florida is known for it’s Heat, it’s beaches, the sea…

    Ok now I’m convinced they’re just shit.

  • Brandon:
    Whoever made the Wisconsin sigil, clearly is not from Wisconsin.Purple and Gold?Really?Really!?

    It’s like a Minnesota person is trolling us.

    It is known. Let’s take down their House and steal their Lombardi Trophies. Oh wait…

  • “Where the river runs”? Why not just put “We have a lot caves” if you’re going to be so dull about it. If anything it should of been the official state motto, which is “Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto”. Latin for “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law.”

  • As someone from Georgia, I can safely tell you there isn’t much wisdom in this place.

    Much like Oberyn isn’t unbowed or unbent or unbroken..

  • Brandon,

    I know right the Vikings and the Packers both suck major balls. It should be blue and red because the New York Giants are the best in America.

  • Pennsylvania one is pretty good, though I would have expected something more to do with the forests than the coal.

  • Walter Harrow:

    Off topic but the trailer for Maisie Williams new film GOLD has been released and it looks pretty good/funny

    I thought Maisie was fine in Heatstroke but the writing/cast didnt really help her. She looks great in this and the script/cast are clearly much better

    Yes, ‘Gold’ not usually my kind of film but the trailer makes me want to see that. Maisie could be a very good light/comedy drama actress, and good to see a contrast to an Arya type role.

  • Michigan’s sucks. The colors suck, the charge is unimaginative, and the words have nothing to do with either.

    Let me try:

    Per pale Vert and Argent, a pile inverted wavy Bleu-Celeste
    (This references our old slogan of “Water-Winter Wonderland”)
    surmounted by two stags combatant or
    (A stag is on our state flag)
    supporting an automotive steering wheel, proper.

    Words: Power and Speed

    House Michigan

    THERE! I did better than HBO Marketing in a half hour.

  • Eli,

    I believe it is supposed to be “Let The Good Times Roll” which, having been to NOLA recently, is exactly what they do down there :)

  • banga:
    House California

    Winter is not Coming.

    We do not water.

    Higher than High Speed Rail.

    Well played, banga, well played…

  • House Cali !! The party state full of HighGarden smoke and home of 5 Lombardi’s belonging to The 49ers.

  • frenxhy:
    “Laissez les bons temps rouler” is a more accurate spelling :p

    Technically yes. But it’s almost never spelled the “correct” way in Louisiana. Most Cajun French speakers (my grandparents, for example) grew up speaking the language but never learnt to read or write it. At school, they were physically punished if they used any language besides English.

    Only some Cajuns who went and studied formal French would know how to use standard spelling. Cajun French is quite different to standard Parisian anyway, it’s much closer to Québec or New Brunswick (Acadian) dialects.

    So in Louisiana, people traditionally spell French however the heck they want :)

  • Eli,

    Cajun dialectal French. Read my previous explanation.

    Moi aussi je parle français… Mais les français me demandent si je suis québecois, grace à mon accent! Je suis australien en fait moi, mais d’origine louisianiase.

  • ehh: Cuz someone wanted to make a Wayne’s World joke.

    And as a resident of Delaware, let me assure everyone that we never get tired of hearing that joke. :/

  • Trav: Maryland: “Manly deads, womanly words”

    Yea, our motto sucks….. I always liked to think of MD as the Land of Pleasant Living….. Time to go boat on the bay and eat crabs.

    and frankly our flag is simply more stunning than this one. After all its heraldic.

  • Alabama’s should be “Football and God… or vice versa” or “Football is God.” That would be more representative of the state’s mindset.

  • Renly’s Peach,

    The “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation” is from the state seal. If you want to blame the lack of wisdom on native Georgians, you have to go out in the boonies, ’cause everyone in metro Atlanta is from somewhere else. I do wish the background was a different color– maybe orange, to represent our lovely GA clay??? But then, the peach-that-looks-like-an-orange wouldn’t be able to be seen. At least they used the peach-orange from the license plates. (I’m being highly sarcastic here.) I can just be thankful I have an equine plate.