Production Season 5

Hundreds audition for Game of Thrones Season 5 in Šibenik

On Monday, over 500 Šibenik locals lined up to audition to be an extra in Game of Thrones Season 5. According to the latest report from Šibenik.In, the steps of City Hall were filled for over 21 hours with locals both young and old, hoping to get a chance to appear in the popular series.

The application forms were filled with the standard information (contact, height, weight, etc), but also included some questions more suited to Game of Thrones, including if the applicants would be willing to appear naked, and would agree to a haircut and a shave.

Among the locals were a few familiar faces to Šibenik, including Mayor Željko Burić. When asked by Šibenik.In which role he thought would be perfect for him, he joked, “What do you think I signed up for? The role of the King!” He also commented that the filming of Game of Thrones in Šibenik is extremely important, and he hopes that the city will take advantage of the situation.

Mayor Željko BurićWe reported earlier this month that a Bishop had voiced objections to the series being filmed in Šibenik, but the Mayor says he knows nothing about that. “I know about as much as you do, on the basis of the media’s representation. What is important, is that it obviously didn’t cause a problem with the filming of the series.”

Šibenik’s Deputy Mayor, Danijel Mileta, also showed up to the auditions, and releaved he is a big fan of the series. “I follow the series when I can. I love this type of series in the style of the dark middle ages.” He continued, “The Mayor and I, we signed up, we filled in the form. Which role am I perfect for? I don’t aim high. Whatever they give me, I’ll accept it.”

Embassy Films Croatia revealed to Šibenik.In that only 200 extras will be chosen from everyone who applied. Filming in Šibenik will run from September 18th to the 23rd, and it is still unconfirmed which location in the world of Thrones will be represented by the city.


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