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Take the Black podcast: Comparing the latest Season 7 spoilers to an alleged story leak

Game of Thrones

Welcome back to another episode of Take the BlackWinter is Coming’s official Game of Thrones podcast. This week, the show is 100% SPOILERS, so beware.


Our topics are based on a leak purporting to lay out all of what happens in Game of Thrones Season 7. We are not assuming anything in this leak is true, but some parts have been borne out by actual on-set photos and video, such as:

So it’s worth talking about, at least. We compare what’s in the leak to some of actual spoilers coming from the set of late, of which there are many.

As usual, Take the Black leans on the NSFW side (beware of F-bombs). And one more time, we discuss lots of SPOILERS for Game of Thrones Season 7 here, so proceed with caution.


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Take the Black Podcast: Breaking Down the Supposed Game of Thrones Season 7 Leak

Oh boy, we got into a lot of speculation in this week’s podcast. What do you think of it all? Is this leak just a compilation of some decent guesses? Or do you think it’s legit? And what of all the actual, confirmed spoilers? Let’s discuss in the comments. As always, if you have a topic you’d like to hear us tackle next week, then let us know that, too. Valar Morghulis, y’all.


  • I don’t think the leaks are all 100% true.
    I do get excited when I see the on set pictures and read potential “spoilers”. Finally Jon and Dany meet!
    I don’t like to see people criticizing the storyline already.
    Why work yourselves up about why this and why that.
    The series has been awesome and they know what they’re doing. I’m sure season 7 is gonna be awesome!
    I’m actually surprised we’ve seen so many pictures already. Security needs to be tighter on their part.
    If the leaks are mostly true then person that did that is actually a jerk.

    • If the leaks are true think about this – in KL the people are under the rule of a ‘mad’ incestuous queen that uses the Mountain and torture to bend people to her will. So they embraced the ‘faith’ because she and her family were horrible rulers. So know we’re expected to believe they’re going to bend the knee to another mad queen (who has advisers that constantly have to stop her from frying her people) who is also incestuous and has dragons that she threatens to fry people with? What’s the point of the last 6 seasons then?

      • Dany is not yet Queen, and not mad. She is a Targaryen; they were known for being…well…”imperial”, but also tremendously intelligent and focused. The thing about her “frying” people: it is also because she is a Targaryen. Some families have their own “execution methods”: Starks beheads enemies; Boltons, skin them alive ; Targaryens burns them.
        As for incestuous: she is not in a relationship with Jon yet. That would make Jon also incestous BTW.

        Let´s imagine the likes of Twyn Lannister, Robert Baratheon or Balon Greyjoy with dragons: I bet you that they would make use of dragons far more often than Dany

  • for those of us without an iphone or itunes cant we just get a transcript of the podcast put up on the site at some point?

    • We do embed a direct player and a Brightcove player as well as you can listen to us on SoundCloud. All links and players are in the article

  • Did the Take the Black podcast start before season 5? I’d love to listen to some of the older episodes, but iTunes only has so many…

    • We started in Season 4, but sadly we were on another site, and at the time I was storing all the podcasts on my old desktop. So, when we moved TTB to WiC, I lost all of S4. :(

      We weren’t in iTunes back in S4 and only hosted the podcast directly on the site we created it on originally.

  • I thought the original Reddit leak is no longer available, and all we have are variations of what people edited together? Some of your points I haven’t seen before, but there are some interesting differences you bring up, that do sound way too fan fiction and tin foil.
    But, at this point, Dan and Dave are also writing fan fiction with a minimal outline by GRRM to go by. Even George admits he doesn’t know all of the details yet and how he is getting there, but he does know the final destination. By now the show runners have read a lot more of our theories than George’s, and it is plausible those ideas seeped into what they chose to present them on screen. It would be disappointing if D&D went this far in that direction (ice dragon), admittedly, especially for the long suffering book readers.
    On the other hand, this podcast repeats that the Reddit leak is total or 90% BS, but you are nowhere near that 90% mark.
    We understand good guesses, but to continually make ones that match the photographs so well so often is extremely lucky:
    Gendry Returns. (Original leak was before the actor was confirmed on set).
    Jon with Davos meets Daenerys (most people thought that would be closer to the ending).
    Jon pets Drogon and isn’t afraid (new photos released today).
    Jon gathers a team and goes on a mission (part of that group photographed leaving on a boat. Did anyone else guess that group would have any reason to form a team before those photos surfaced?)
    Jorah meets Daenerys at Dragonstone after being cured of Greyscale (also should have been way later in the series, or Jorah should have died, or met Daenerys somewhere else).
    Jon meets Theon. For this to happen Theon would have to survive a navel battle instead of Yara and conveniently meet.
    Plus many more…

    The best point you have made to discredit the leak is the author not knowing the difference between how to kill the Others from the Wights.
    But, remember, Dan and Dave have been known to change the book science for quicker storytelling.

    Not that I do not agree with you that a lot of the details could possibly be educated guesses, though.

    If I were HBO I would set out to do damage control by paying you and many others to debunk the Reddit leak, if it were real, anyway!

    • Archmaester Ebrose is a healer in the books and has been cast to be with Sam at the Citadel. Does it seem like just a coincidence that the leak has Sam being the one that helps find the cure for Jorah?

  • Thank you for this podcast.
    I was so..errr…I am not sure about this leak.
    I am Ok-happyish with 59% of it and I am so pissed about the other 50%.
    Well, let´s hope for the best.

    • The part that makes me the angriest is no mention of young Ned taking Dawn back and finding out more about Ashara. Also Viserions changes. What makes you the angriest, out of curiosity?

      • That Jon´s name is ” Aegon”…that Rhaegar´s family with Elia is relegated as a ” starter wife” thing. That Theon basically reverts to being a guy on the run. That we are supposedly stuck with Cersei for a whole season again, and we should be concentranting on WW and Dany-Jon partnership. That jaime only realizes Cersei is true evil by the end of season 7. I mean, come on…

        • I think the differences between the show and the books will be a lot what you listed, Priscila. If the leak is genuine it shows Dan and Dave took a lot of illogical shortcuts to get to the ending faster.

        • My thoughts exactly,pretty much agree with Priscilla,the annulment of Rhaegar marriage makes no sense,and seriously I get that show runners love the actors,specially Lena which is a great actress and did a wonderful job,but we are stuck with Cersei…again?
          If this leak is true,how are D&D planning to get rid of her in 6 episodes and do the War for the Dawn at the same time,then showing us in season 8 after the war is over who and what remains and how they will settle after this happen?They literally don’t have time for all this in 6 episodes…

          • I was the first person who told I neither agree or disagree with the leaks and I will watch the show regardless,so I’m not a hater,JS.
            I was expressing the thoughts I had if the leak turns up to be truth,just like the others,the show will go on regardless you and me or other people which will like it or not,som I’m pretty relaxed.

      • Viserion thing was a bummer for me and listening to the podcast I see Ani point to balance out the battle,but how you can balance the fact after they(the others) defetead you they will turn you into one of them and in this process their army numbers and forces grow?you can’t balance that..they can’t die unless valiryan steel or fire(dragon,wild) and considering valiryan steel can’t be found in all corners and dragons we have 3 that was the ace card and balance itself the battle between the 2 parts.
        Now that the NK has a dragon as well I can’t see that as a balanced battle plus their numbers.
        Another thing if the leak comes true I won’t be happy about it.

      • It was a brief outline. In no way does it preclude the many other events that surely will be happening in the show.

      • My brother read the books as they originally came out, and was an enormous fan until the 3rd season. Everything since then just seemed like illogical lazy shortcuts that cheapen a much better story. After Dorne, we don’t even talk of the show any more. He is definitely on Priscila’s side. I would like to amend that what makes me angriest include taking the easier path to finish the series quicker and bypassing all logic along the way.

          • Exactly, Priscila! It’s the people who have invested a lot of time and read the material and loved it the most that are being rightfully angered the most. The casual show watcher doesn’t realize how much quality material that is being ignored. At one time Lady Stoneheart was the biggest disappointment. I hope it isn’t true, But multiply that anger by ten and that is what season 7 has a chance of being.

  • Hi, do you have to be so disrespectful and refer to greyscale as Westerosi aids? I’m sure that they are many people who are suffering from aids / hiv who are fans and find the reference deeply offensive or alienating. Try and imagine how they’d feel guys for future episodes when you’re talking like this. Not cool.

    • do you have to be so disrespectful and refer to greyscale as Westerosi aids? I’m sure that they are many people who are suffering from aids / hiv who are fans and find the reference deeply offensive or alienating. Try and imagine how they’d feel guys for future episodes when you’re talking like this. Not cool.

      Hi, you know, we really aren’t meaning to be disrespectful, and you’re right, it could be very insensitive to those who suffer from, or have lost loved ones to the real AIDS.

      Please accept my apologies, and I will make it a point not to refer to greyscale as that anymore.

  • Ive said it before Jon will have to prove to the other houses that wights do exist. In the books he had some in the ice cells,so I cud see that part finding its way into the show. Not sure how Big Sam would feel about his father going out like the leak says. If its true or not, I still need that awsome HBO visual…. The pics are awsome and i lovethe show and cant wait for the remaining books. So back into waiting I go.

    • His father was an asshole,but still was his father,I don’t see Sam feeling a genuinely love for him… I think Sam is more worried of the well being of Gilly& little Sam,they were pretty much his family all this time..
      Just my thoughts though…

  • Agreed, Queenslayer. Sam’s father actually told him if he didn’t take the black, he would murder him and tell his mother it was a hunting accident – and meant it. There’s no telling what his father will try to do to him when he discovers the sword missing. While Sam does have a big heart, I think he will ultimately not have any real issues with his father’s demise, even if in the manner that was leaked. His brother…., now that might get a different reaction. I think he does care about his brother.

  • I have a feeling that Cersei might play into the rivalries of The Reach. The Lannisters did that in the Riverlands, to an extent. Cersei might atract some families that are not that into Lady Olenna to her side easily. She could say ” Hey, there is a foreign invasion and Olenna is giving them ships. The Tyrells had that terrible accident, so I will offer the title of Warden of the South to…”
    My money is that Tarly will choose the wrong side again. And will die in battle.
    Samwell will be sad about his brother, but hey, this is war, and this is the way his father do business.

    BTW: The only rulers who have 100% legitimate claim are…EURON and Jaime! Euron won the Kingsmoot fair and square; Jaime was ” let go” of the Kingsguard and is now general of the Lannisters troops. For those like Tarly, an old school Patriarch, being on their side makes more than sense.

  • This was Fun guys. Great job. Yeah all of those spoilers from the Reddit were not right and they definitely sound like a pretty good guess. Besides his guesses were so well aligned but it was important to extract the bullshit out of it.

    btw about the stormlands? who is seated at the House Baratheon ? now that everyone is murdered – which is too freaking weird all the baratheons were murdered just like what happened with the targaryens when baratheons took over – and what do you think about Kinvara ? She was introduced so nicely in Season 6 but after “the door” we didn’t really see her maybe the show forgot about her entirely and didn’t give a closure to her character which was much needed. For example; we know where Melisandre is headed and there is a chance that she bumps into Arya on the way even if she doesn’t, we still know where she is headed. After all Kinvara was the High Priestess to R’hllor and you don’t cut out such a character so swiftly without giving a closure. Your thoughts ?

  • Thanks for the NSFW. I started listening and shut it off after reading that. Saved me a trip to HR! :)

  • I’ve read all the books. I’ve watched every episode at least 3 times each. The books are not that much better. Of course the books can go into more detail, but so much so, that some parts almost put me to sleep. Regardless of all the hate, D&D have taken a great book series and made it a great TV series. Period. I understand people like to debate the differences and that’s what this page is for, but it’s turned into pretty much just bashing the show instead of a healthy debate. Get over yourselves and enjoy it. We are very proud that you read all the books by yourself and because of that “accomplishment” you automatically feel the book is better because you’ve put more time into it. Your brain is tricking you and that’s not the case. The show is one of the best TV shows ever produced but god forbid if it leaves out Tyrion traveling for like 20 years and a zombie mom. It’s just ruined now! Ok, I’m done ranting like a child. I’ll end on something a Trump Supporter would say: “If you don’t like the show and just want to complain, then get the hell out and don’t watch it!” Lol.