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George R.R. Martin thinks The Winds of Winter “will be out this year”

The Winds of Winter

There’s been a fair amount of buzz over the past week concerning whether author George R.R. Martin would give his fans an update as to his progress on The Winds of Winter, the long-gestating sixth volume in his Song of Ice and Fire series. It doesn’t look like he’s going to write anything formal on the subject, but he did post an illuminating new comment on his Not a Blog.

The set-up: a commenter named J Snow asked Martin for an update on the book, suggesting that giving one might placate fans who would otherwise bombard him with messages. Martin’s response:

You really think statements like that would make a difference? Ah, you sweet summer child. I have years of experience with this that tells me otherwise.

But okay, I will try it your way.

Not done yet, but I’ve made progress. But not as much as I hoped a year ago, when I thought to be done by now.

I think it will be out this year. (But hey, I thought the same thing last year).

And that’s that. Will The Winds of Winter be out in 2017? We’ll have to wait and see. As for whether that update will stem the tide of requests for more information, we’re willing to trust in Martin’s opinion and say “no.”


    • Show me the source where GRRM said “TWOW is out this year”.
      As far as I know he never said that, but he always explicitly said he will give no date.

        • Ahem, I’m talking about OTHER occasions where GRRM said this, since this is an answer to Rachel’s claim that “he says that every year”. ^^

          • Rachel was making a joke, but it was based on the fact that GRRM’s and his publisher’s initial goal was to have the book released prior to or during the previous season of Game of Thrones last year. Early in 2015 he thought it was looking like he could meet that deadline, before finally having to admit he couldn’t in December. I don’t believe he made any formal predictions in 2016, but that year sucked for everyone so I’ll give him a free pass for that one.

  • I don’t understand… Like I’m not one to usually complain about Martin’s pace but I just don’t understand. Every year he does something to “give him more time write” and with a wide range view it seems like that’s true, and everyone says, oh let the man live, let him write whenever he wants blah blah, but it’s his job, it’s his livelihood. You think if everyone lost interest in ice and fire that he wouldnt increase his pace? When the money stops? People work 9-5, day in, day out and they don’t get to go travelling for free non stop just so people can hear their voice saying the same damn things. All his damn interviews are the exact same, saying the exact same life stories and advice and then people ask for spoilers… the end. Like god damn man, we can watch the YouTube video of the first 5 interviews and play them at cons and let the man write. There’s no balance. Ya he did a great thing and wrote this epic that we all obsess about… BUT ITS NOT FINISHED YET and all we are looking for is spoilers! These interviews, and trips, and spoils of war should happen AFTER you finish your JOB. And everyone just buys into it and pisses him off more and more to the point where he won’t ever finish his damn job cuz his life will become so insanely busy. What if the ending sucks and we wasted this man’s time and our own by all of us worshipping the ground he walks on to the point it takes 20 years to right this and the last book? It’s a vicious circle that we all have guilt in, including Martin, and there’s probably nothing to stop it so…. There’s my rant, I’m done.

    • Writing is his profession not writing just this particular story. I’m glad he’s still writing it though and glad he’s given us this update. This update is enough for me and honestly in the past authors wouldn’t even have given us that.

      Also…the fact that he even is writing at all is mainly for us, the readers. He’s already cashed in, and fans will get at least some semblance of closure from the show so the only incentive he has to keep writing is for us readers and for the sake of his legacy.

      • If it was purely for us fans, he would put out the first piece of garbage that he wrote down and the series would have been finished in 2013. And you said it, it’s for his legacy. Only reason he feels compelled to keep writing. Also he has stated he wouldn’t write anything else till he’s finished asoiaf so…

          • I know he’s slow. Painfully slow. But his garbage is still better than the best works of most other authors. Imho.

          • Although I don’t agree that Feast and Dance were “garbage”, I I do believe that there is an inverse correlation between elapsed publication time and quality – the longer it takes, the lower quality the book is. Of course, correlation does not imply causality. Most likely, lower quality and longer production time both stem from a common root cause – lack of mastery/vision of the story.

          • I don’t think u can consider anything about the series ‘garbage’ until we see the total fruitage of his labours. If the season finishes and 4 and 5 still look bad but were necessary to finish the story in a great way, then it is worth it and not trash. More like a necessary evil. But I agree with ibbison, lack of mastery/vision. At least with Brienne, Dany, and Dorne (unless the master plan proves true). And he admitted as much about the meerenese knot. But to say they’re garbage with Jamie, Theon, Cersei, and Arya arcs is unfair.

    • Given the massive sales numbers of ASoIaF and even more importantly his income from the TV deal I think he doesn’t have to care about financial problems. I’m pretty sure he’d be able to lead a very decent life without publishing a single word from now on.

    • GRRM’s words are wind , with an odor of sulphur, I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do or say. Thank God I came to this party late and was able to scoop up all the extant books and binge them. So, haven’t gone through hand wringing and angst over his appearance of undisciplined work habits and ease of being distracted.Do whatever you like GRRM, if you ever finish this last bit, I’ll pick it up in a Thrift shop somewhere after your 15 minutes of fame subsides, Whatever,dude. This work is good but whoever mentioned you with JRR is delusional. Let’s see if your work stands the Test of Time. Take all the time you want…. I pray it’ll be worth the time elapsed on It’s production.

    • Personally at this point I loathe the guy and have moved on to other series. I agree that he should be enjoying the spoils after the job is completed but such is life. If more comes out(I’ve given up saying when) and I’m still alive maybe I’ll read it maybe not. I’m no longer invested in the characters.

    • I think you got it right. GRRM is terrified the ending will suck. Or fans and journalists will call it a waste of time etc.
      He has so much fame and appreciation for the series he probably lives in dread that when its finally done people will reject it.
      i wouldn’t be surprised if he hasnt finished the series twice over by now but keeps changing the ending or certain chapters nit picking and altering the final story in a OCD frenzy.
      WIC asked what GRRM owes his fans the unpopular but true answer is everything. He is an author, his fans buy his books, enable his lifestyle, are the reason he can be a full time writer and not have to work part time or full time elsewhere. His fans are the reason HBO bought the rights to GOT in the first place. There are literally thousands of books , thousands of authors, multitudes of series that never get considered for television or film because they dont have large fan bases. Sure he has enough money now to ignore his fans like J.K Rowling has enough money to never write again if she chooses to do so. It doesn’t alter how they got the money. The Fans.
      Hopefully he finishes the book. Or his worst nightmare might come to pass. His corporate publisher will search through his estate when he passes away. sort through his notes,written work and manuscripts and piece together an ending on their own.

  • Dead set that is all most fans wanted. We are used to waiting by now and something like that once a year will do for me personally. Thankyou GRRM for the update and good luck with the book

  • Actually, he thought that not only last year, but two years ago as well, according to his own blog.

  • Honestly I have lost interest and stopped following his book progress long back. I am not entitled for books and he is doing a favour on us by writing it. It is just that I don’t see myself standing in line etc. to buy the first copy et al. I would rather watch Game of Thrones.

  • King George owes his success to the fans however he doesn’t owe us a new book because we’ve all obviously become addicts. We visit this site hoping to find new information. He gives us a little taste now and then a chapter now and then, but he’s obviously in control and even if they end series before the books are out I’m sure he’ll make millions. We will all rush out and buy them and read every page then compare and contrast them with the show. Then we’ll all be itching for a movie or the HBO prequel.
    Come on George these withdrawals are killing me!!!!

    • and even if they end [the] series before the books are out

      At this point this is no “if” anymore. Martin missed the chance to publish the last book before the TV series ends long ago. It’s debatable whether The Winds of Winter is going to come out this year but remember that it’s not the final book anyway. There’s still A Dream of Spring and some are wondering if Martin might not need an eighth volume to wrap everything up.

  • I think he finished the book or books a long time ago but will not release it now due to some kind of agreement with HBO. If its released this year it’ll be after the 7th season airs.

  • I’m putting in my pre-order now. It’s definitely going to be out this year, no doubt about it. Totally certain, just like I was certain last year Trump would lose.

  • I did not read the books, but understand your frustration. Was experiencing the same with Half-life 3 until i gave up hope and stopped caring ;)

  • I’m getting the feeling that there has been an agreement forged between GRRM & HBO to not release the next book so as not to spoil the show or anger book readers about the changes the show has made. Kinda ironic how that flipped huh? But I think it’s a good thing because it allowed George to maybe go in a few different directions with the novels and HBO probably agreed to change things as well.

    I expect Winds to come out late 2017 or early 2018 and book readers will be happy because we will then know that the story in the novels will be much different from what we’ve seen in seasons 6 & 7 of the show and most likely what we will see in season 8 as well.

  • What’s he trying to do – win the Nobel Prize for Literature?! Just finish telling the frickin’ story! If he did his job right in the first five books, the last two should be the easiest.
    GRRM’s editors need to force him to sit down and have a (short yet direct) discussion with Hot Pie about overworking his dough.

    • But stalling is generally a sign of mediocrity. Everything GRRM has said in the past year points to major uncertainty about his story. (The 20160102 post where he said he was dissatisfied with a couple of his decisions, his statement at Guadalajara that he hasn’t seen the end and started to pick up speed, his post from today where he states he hadn’t made as much progress in 2016 as he had hoped.)
      I can understand uncertainty during books 4 & 5, where he had to reset after abandoning the five-year-gap. He also had to expand the story at that point after closing out a lot of sub-arcs in Storm. The end of Dance, however, is where he should have been entering the final turn and been heading for the home stretch. He sounds like he’s lost in a fog and has missed the turn.
      I don’t want him to write harder; I want him to write smarter. If he would plan ahead just a bit more he could save himself a lot of effort, and maybe actually enjoy writing the book.

  • I’ll just keep reading what I’m reading and when WoW comes out I’ll drop everything like a hot potato and read that.

  • Well, I’d like to say I take much comfort in that, but I don’t. Doesn’t sound as if GRRM does either. I suppose it’s better than nothing. Don’t think we can realistically ask him for much more in terms of updates. I hope I’m wrong, but, I suspect that next year we’ll get the same message.

  • This statement means nothing regarding time of release/his finishing the book. It seems certain there has been progress, sure. But only the extremely naive or fools would take GRRM’s word on how much longer he has to finish. And I dont mean the disparage Martin, I only mean that he has very poor judgment when it comes to estimating his schedule of completion. We KNOW this very well, those of us who have followed his Not A Blog for lo’ these many years (myself since 2005). Why, back in September of 2015 (2015!!), Martin believed he could finish the manuscript by Christmas 2015! Look – the book will be done when it is done, and it MIGHT be 2017, but it sure as hell could just as easily be 2018 too. Us novel fans have a very very long wait to get to the end of Martin’s fabulous, amazing, story. Sit tight folks. After WoW is finished, it’s another 6 or 7 years to get the final DoS out. End of this story will be around 2025 I predict.

  • Probably be December 31st lol

    God most authors can write high quality books in a year…But then it’s their livelihood. Sure George earns more than enough from Royalties to not need to bother anymore

  • Do you really believe, in your heart of hearts that it will be another book? I hope so, but I don’t believe so. It is all an elaborate hoax.

  • What a disrespectful, flippant answer. And to those who want to respond with “He doesn’t owe you anything!”, I say, “Then he can kiss my money goodbye”. I’ll quit buying the books (if they ever come out) and I’ll drop my HBO subscription and pirate the show from now on. After one or even 2 delays, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. If I were his publisher, I’d put his feet to the fire and inject financial penalties for repeated missed deadlines; it’s not unheard of.

  • I am so sick of his qualified, disingenuous comments. The man operates a blog and invites his fans to comment but seems annoyed whenever those comments relate to his progress on the Winds of Winter. On the rare occasions when he addresses WOW-related questions, his answers are pained and superficial and consist mainly of caveats undermining the little information he deigns to provide. Yet, his pleas to purchase Wild Cards(“Bundling the Wild Cards”, Jan. 10th) or ANOTHER special edition of an already-published ASOIAF book (“A Storm of Swords: Enhanced Edition Available on iBooks”, Dec. 15th) are lively and full of information. Not fair. Not right. Not buying the WOW. The show is just as good and the producers deliver on a regular schedule.