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More Photos from Game Of Thrones Filming in King’s Landing

By Ani Bundel on

Before we get into Seek New Travel‘s pictures below, I wanted to lead off with this awesome Cersei pic from Reddit. I love it, not just because of the lovely detail of the costume up close, but because of the … Continue reading

Game Of Thrones filming continues: New shot of Cersei at The Sept

By Ani Bundel on

Our friend at SeekNewTravel got a ton of pictures from shooting today, including one of Cersei on the Jesuit Staircase. You can just make out her distinctive wig. According to her notes, Cersei is dressed in all black here, and … Continue reading

King’s Landing Prepping for A Funeral?

By Ani Bundel on

At least, that’s the theory–after all, why would they be hanging large, black banners? It jives with today and tomorrow being big filming days in King’s Landing. We’ve got a few more pics from SeekNewTravel below the cut, and a … Continue reading

Dornish Are Coming: Schedule of Seville Closures For Filming

By Ani Bundel on

The website for the Alcázar of Seville has posted a detailed schedule of closures in the area for Game of Thrones filming next month. Starting on October 6th and running through to the 18th, sections of the grounds will be … Continue reading

Loras In New Game of Thrones Footage

By Ani Bundel on

As we discussed in the Small Council, the Tyrells have benefited greatly in Game of Thrones‘ transition from page to screen. Margaery has been given a life and agency that we could only speculate in the books. Her brother, Loras … Continue reading

Jeers from Croatia

By Rowan Kaiser on

Yesterday we saw the royal litters around King’s Landing, and noted that this was the first time Season 2 that it looked like the lords and ladies of the capital were going to be around town. With the war over, … Continue reading

More from King’s Landing: Details of the Marketplace

By Ani Bundel on

One of my favorite things about Game of Thrones is how easy it is to immerse oneself in the world of Westeros. The production works hard to create a fully realized fantasy kingdom, you believe you might be able to … Continue reading

King’s Landing: Marketplace Extras

By Ani Bundel on

Filming in King’s Landing continued apace the last few days. Game of Thrones has shot quite a bit of Season 5, including an incredibility detailed Marketplace scene. We brought you a few pictures on Friday. Now we’ve got another batch … Continue reading

Dubrovnik takes out the Game Of Thrones litter

By Rowan Kaiser on

Today’s King’s Landing filming? All about the litters. Our friends at Seek New Travel picked up the shot above, of the royal Lannister-Baratheon litter. The detail of the stag and lion on the door remains impressive. That’s not the only litter, … Continue reading

King’s Landing market and tavern scene filming in Dubrovnik

By Rowan Kaiser on has a great collection of photos of extras from today’s market scene. A few of the extras in the pictures are wearing Westerosi religious garb, which makes me reasonably certain that this is a scene in King’s Landing, as … Continue reading

Loras filming in Dubrovnik, marketplace scene shooting tomorrow

By Rowan Kaiser on

Reddit user purplegooddance, who posted some of the pictures of the sets-under-construction in Dubrovnik a few days ago, has a new set of pictures up. The most notable returning actor is Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell), who’s shown here with Dean-Charles Chapman … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Filming In King’s Landing Underway

By Ani Bundel on

Welcome back to King’s Landing, everyone! We’ve got brand new pictures from yesterday’s Game of Thrones filming, courtesy of the The Dubrovnik Times. Clearly, I have been rather impatient to get back to Westeros and see pictures of what’s left of … Continue reading

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