The Subway Map of Westeros, and beyond

Next stop.. Westeros

When it comes to creative minds, makers in the Game of Thrones fandom are very impressive, eclectic, and down right innovative. The hard work and detail that is put into fan creations give us plenty of entertainment, good laughs, and inspiration for our own creations.

This piece of art is no different, and could quite possibly be my favorite fan art piece I have seen to date. Here’s why…

As a Washington D.C. native I’ve used the Metro Rail System to get around our nation’s capital city quite a bit. From being a young boy on a field trip to the Air and Space Museum, to today, a young adult living it up in the Nightlife of the city, the metro remains a constant mode of transportation. Our metro system has changed quite a bit over the years. Whether that’s new lines, new stops, or new names of stations, the map has been an ever-changing puzzle and work of art to me.

DC Metro Map
Credit: Cameron Booth

I’ve always been intrigued with the complex puzzle that is the Metro Map. As a boy, I imagined how other people would follow this winding, intertwining maze of lines. The map was so complex, but as I’ve grown to know the city, the map has become a familiar tool in its exploration.

My intrigue into the maps of subway transit systems went viral when I came across a very talented artist by the name of Cameron Booth. Booth is known for his maps of not only modern day subway and transit systems, but also ancient and fictional maps. He has a website where you can view the 400+ maps that he has designed.

Recently visiting his website, I came across a peculiar looking transit system. One in which I noticed the shape, and instantly broke into a gigantic smile. It was a map of Westeros, the western continent from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and HBO’s Game of Thrones. Instantly, I geeked out, and knew I had to share it with you all.

Surprisingly, the map was not created by Booth, but rather an impressive graphic designer by the name of Michael Tyznik. At first glance, the excitement of this amazingly creative look into the transit system of Westeros blinded me to how incredibly in depth Tyznik went.

Here’s my break down:

Westeros and Essos Transit Map

First of all I’d like to point out, not only did he re-design Westeros — he included Essos. For book readers and show watchers alike, the addition of Essos is very helpful.



Map Key

Second, is how in depth he went with the Key. Each town/city/fort/port all have their own train station. At the transfer points you can see which transfer point it is, and determine the route you will be taking on that line. For example, on the map where it says G1 next to Lannisport, that marks the transfer point from the GOLD LINE to the other lines that intersect at that major transfer point. From G1 you can get on to RV1, the River Line at Lannisport, and take it North to RV2 to visit The Twins West. (Only if you were a Frey ally.)

Westeros Transit Map By Michael Tyznik


I’m also very impressed with with the spacing of the map. It provides an impressive look at the distances between Winterfell and King’s Landing, or Riverrun and Sunspear. I love the perspective he had on the length of travel that each passenger would have to take to get from point A to point B, and the journey they would then have to take.


Water Ways

The final feature of note is the addition of the water transportation routes/ferry lines. The ferry route from Storm’s End over to Myr is depicted vividly, and gives me a good idea of the journey a Baratheon would have to take to purchase Myrish Lace for his lover. From Storm’s End, he could ferry over to Tyrosh and transfer either to a train or continue along with the ferry to Myr.


I am highly impressed with creativity and attention to detail that Tyznik placed into this Transportation Map of Westeros. It is very clean and easy to follow, and shows where all of the political prowess is throughout the continents. The key is on point, and the small things like, “SERVICE TO VALYRIA DISCONTINUED,” go to show how much thought he put into developing this map.

The good news is, if George R.R. Martin ever decides to write a metropolis story for the future of A Song of Ice and Fire, he won’t have to worry about how the people would get around.  I am so impressed that I think I might buy one for my cubical!

Big kudos to Michael Tyznik at Fast Company for putting together my favorite piece of fan art. It may be weird but I LOVE IT!

Done in the light of the Lord…