Wilko Johnson, Game Of Thrones’ Ilyn Payne, free of cancer

Good news for Ilyn Payne fans — according to BCC News, Game Of Thrones actor Wilko Johnson, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, is finally on the road to recovery.

After initially refusing chemotherapy at the time of his diagnosis, Johnson underwent radical surgery to remove the tumor. The famous guitarist describes his ordeal as an “11 hour operation.”

Making his acting debut in the HBO series during the show’s first season, Johnson was aptly cast, bringing a quiet sense of danger to the role of the mute executioner, leaving us uncomfortably upset after his killing of Ned Stark. Of course, to most Game Of Thrones fans, Ser Ilyn Payne is best known for his presence on Arya’s “hit list” that she recites on the road, rattling off the names of those that she feels deserves to die.

With Season 5 currently filming, here’s to hoping we see more of Ilyn Payne — after all, Arya’s still got people to cross off that list of hers…