Doctor Who to See the Return of Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter?

Last week, the rumor that David Tennant could return to Doctor Who took the internet by storm. He had been spotted with Russell T. Davies in Cardiff, sparking those rumors that the Tenth Doctor, along with Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, could appear once again. It would certainly appear as though the past could once again make an appearance in the present on Doctor Who.

Yet, these three may not be the only Doctor Who alums to be in Cardiff recently, or to visit the set. Georgia Moffett, who played Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter, was photographed with Peter Capaldi on the set of the TARDIS. While the date of the photograph is unclear, the timing of this photograph coming out, when Tennant, Davies and McGann were in the area, is certainly cause for speculation.

Obviously, there are flaws in the theory that Moffett could be returning to Doctor Who at some point. First, no one is even certain as to when this photograph was taken. Given the set design, it appears as though this is the TARDIS from early in Series Eight, but it is easy to speculate that may not be the case.

Of course, there are plenty of explanations as to why she could be on the set. Since Moffett is married to Tennant, it could be that she was simply with him when he was in Cardiff. Perhaps they were taking a break from family life and catching up, especially as Tennant is typically away for months at a time due to his other roles, while Moffett is busy raising the children. Why not take some time together and go on vacation? After all, that is what other people do.

Yet, the idea that Moffett could be returning is certainly interesting. Her character seemed to be ripe for further exploration, a potential recurring character that could occasionally appear in the Doctor’s timeline, as their paths periodically crossed. That formula worked before with River Song, who occasionally made her presence felt. Why not do the same with his daughter?

Chances are, given her young family and David Tennant’s schedule, the appearance of Georgia Moffett on the set of the TARDIS with Peter Capaldi is just much ado about nothing. It is, however, interesting to note, and could potentially open the door for her return on Doctor Who at some point in the future.