Maisie Williams films a mysterious swimming scene for Season 6


Game of Thrones production pics continue to stream out of Northern Ireland. The most curious involves Maisie Williams, who was spotted by Belfast Live filming some kind of swimming scene in the Northern Irish harbor town of Carnlough. Take a look at a few of the pictures.

Head on over to Belfast Live to see the rest of the set. The article describes the water as “chilly,” so let’s hope that whatever scene Williams is filming ends up being worth the discomfort.

Fans have been out in force, too. They’ve snapped several pictures of the ongoing Season 6 production. Laura McFadden took this one of the crew setting up for Maisie’s water scene.

McFadden also snapped a shot of the crew apparently taking down the set they’d built in Moneyglass. Smart money has it that the Moneyglass set stood in for Winterfell, although there were some other options. Whatever its purpose, the production may be done with it, at least for now.

Over in Glenarm, which we reported on earlier today, Mark Kennedy got this shot of a crew setting up in/moving through the woods. What could be going on here?

And finally, Kennedy also got a look at the Wall set, although nothing much seemed to be happening. That area’s had its share of attention lately, so maybe it can afford to be quiet for a while.

To me, the most interesting images in this set are the ones of Maisie Williams. For one thing, it indicates that Braavos is going to be filmed at least in part in Northern Ireland, assuming that this scene takes place in Braavos, which seems likely.

Also, it’s just fun to speculate over what the scene could entail. Williams is closing her eyes in the images, so it’s hard to tell if she has her painful blind contacts in. Maybe Arya is getting used to being blind and accidentally falls into a canal? Something tells me this is something more substantial than that.

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