Doctor Who: More Photos from ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’

T-minus three days and counting until the launch of Doctor Who‘s ninth series this Saturday. Just yesterday we brought you a gallery of new high-res photos from ‘The Magician’s Apprentice,’ the new series’ first episode, and today we have even more.

Once again, here’s Steven Moffat‘s summary of the episode from Radio Times (beware: spoilers!):

A final message from a dying scientist. A plea from the deadliest corner of time and space. Only one man can answer, but he has gone missing from all of time and space. Where is the Doctor? As the skies of planet Earth stand frozen, Clara Oswald enters into a dangerous alliance.

The Doctor is gone from the universe – friends and enemies alike can find him nowhere. When even the Daleks can’t track down their ancient foe, and the Doctor’s old friend and nemesis, Missy, is forced to ask for help, does it mean that the mad man in the box has truly disappeared? What fear, or what terrible shame, could possibly drive the Doctor into the shadows? The answers are more dreadful than Clara’s worst imaginings, and she finds herself embarking on a journey into the Doctor’s worst nightmare …

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And now, here are the newest images:

In other news related to ‘The Magician’s Apprentice,’ the episode’s prequel minisode, ‘The Doctor’s Meditation,’ premiered last night in theaters with the Doctor Who: Dark Water/Death in Heaven 3D event. We’ll have a first-look description of what to expect later today.

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Doctor Who Series 9 premieres this Saturday, September 19. For full episode information, including cast and synopses, check out our frequently updated guide:Doctor Who Series 9: Everything There is to Know So Far.

What say you, Doctor Who Watchers? Excited by these new images? Any theories as to what we’re seeing? Sound off in the comments below!