Game of Thrones Cast in Belfast Round Up, Plus New Greyjoy Rumor


Game of Thrones in Belfast is happening all over. This weekend, we learned that the Riverrun set is staying up for a third week for more filming. Meanwhile in Magheramorne quarry, the crew is deep in the muck.

Actors are being spotted by the locals. We can add Emilia Clarke to the list of actors headed to Belfast from yesterday.

Later, the same fan ran into Lena Headey, so that’s at least two queens in the area.

Daniel Sackheim, who will be directing episodes 3 and 4 of Season 6, made like a filmmaker and took this moody shot of the Belfast evening.

One of the few actors not in Belfast: Peter Dinklage. he’s been seen back home in NYC, motoring…err, scootering about.

Also off of work today: Liam Cunningham, who is at the annual Global Web Summit which has been held in Ireland for the last five years. His topic? The Golden Age of Television, natch. (When asked, he too said “John Snow is dead.”)

———————–SPOILER X-ING———————–

Meanwhile, on Reddit, a Game of Thrones tourist claims to have gotten some spoilers out of security. Some of them are things we already knew (e.g. Maisie Williams’ swimming scene). Some of them are just confirmation of previous spoilers. (For example, Kit Harington is hanging around Titanic Studios like he’s got a full time job filming a TV show or something.) But one is not only new, but sounds pretty juicy, if true:

The crew was spotted at the same location where Renly’s camp was filmed. She used binoculars and saw Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) leading an Greyjoy Ironborn army. Apparently, Theon might be a badass in Season 6. The Greyjoys seem to have a bigger role in Season 6 overall, with Yara Greyjoy also taking on a more central role.

Theon? A man who has lost his manhood and who was recently kept in as a glorified pet by a Northern lord, leading an army? That sounds…surprising, considering Westerosi patriarchal mores and all that. Also, I feel like Yara and Euron might not be so eager to give Theon an Army. After all, the last time he got one, it didn’t go so well.

Take that last rumor with a grain of salt.