Production builds Dothraki hut in Belfast, plus pics of Magheramorne Quarry (UPDATED)


The above picture is of the Dothraki hut the Game of Thrones production built in Almería, Spain earlier this year. After filming material there, the production disposed of that set rather spectacularly (warning: link contains spoilers), but it seems that it’s not done with it, if this image posted by a Reddit user is any indication.

According to their post, the Reddit user snapped a picture of this set while driving near Titanic Studios, where much of Game of Thrones is shot, in Belfast. It does look like a less rustic version of the Dothraki hut built in Almería.

Also, we know that Emilia Clarke is in Belfast, along with several of the actors who are playing members of the Dothraki. In short, all signs point to the production filming a scene involving Daenerys and the Dothraki in Belfast. If the production is rebuilding the hut, it might only use the interiors, since 1) the exterior doesn’t match the earlier hut; and 2) the overcast cityscape of Belfast doesn’t match the arid landscape of Almería.

Then again, with the right angles, lighting, and post-production magic, who knows what the hut will look like when and if it makes it onto the screen? For example, take a look at this image of the hut at night. If it’s going to be an interior shoot, why all the lights on the outside?

UPDATE: We’ve got a new shot of the hut courtesy of Twitter user Kevin Patterson.

Kevin also got a look at the shoot.

Above, I suggested that the lights might be for an outdoor shoot, but after thinking about it, it makes more sense for this to be an indoor shoot with the bright lights standing in for the outdoor sun. (Thanks to commenter samwais for that obvious-in-hindsight bit of insight.)

The Reddit user has a little more information, although it’s unconfirmed. According to the taxi driver who brought the Reddit user near Titanic Studios (an “official Game of Thrones production limo driver,” based on the sticker in his window), this set will be used for Episode 8 of Season 6. More as it develops.

Elsewhere in Northern Ireland, Watchers on the Wall has a few more images of the developing sets in Magheramorne Quarry, long the area used to shoots scenes at Castle Black and the Wall. The sets here are starting to take shape. Have a look.

As you can see, there’s now a green screen up in the area. From afar, it looks like this set is a bridge between two doorways. I wonder which characters are going to walk the ramparts as they contemplate the shape of things.

And here’s a panorama of the whole area.