Season 6 filming: Detailed Photos from the Riverrun set


Friends don’t let friends read spoilers.

Earlier today, Irish Thrones revealed some new developments from the Riverrun set at Corbet, Northern Ireland. This is where Jaime Lannister will besiege the Tullys at the head of a Lannister army, with assistance from the Freys. The Tullys are still putting up resistance, even though the Lannisters have basically won the war at this point.

Specifically, Irish Thrones said that the red Lannister tents had been taken down and that the brown Frey tents had been reinforced against strong winds. That news was tasty enough, but now the outlet has tweeted out wonderfully detailed photographs from the set, and they look to reveal the aftermath of some kind of battle…or the results of those winds. Take a look.

Is this a stripped-down version of the gallows we’ve been hearing about?

Every good siege needs a trebuchet. Book-readers may remember that Jaime Lannister made a rather grotesque threat involving such a weapon in A Feast for Crows.

Irish Thrones seems to think this debris is left over from a battle outside Riverrun, but Jaime takes the castle more or less peacefully in Crows. Maybe the show will amp up the action, or there could be another explanation for the disarray.

So clearly this is some kind of siege…mobile.

What are these? The stakes that were holding up the tents? Obstacles put up by side or the other?

You can never have too many trebuchets.

UPDATE: One new picture came in after this post went up, of a bunch of sloppily organized tents.

Assuming these belong to the Freys, they really should know better. The Lannisters have their tents in neat little rows. C’mon, Freys.

Interesting stuff. What do you guys make of it?