“Very exciting” filming at Magheramorne Quarry (Castle Black), update from Riverrun



We’ve known for a while that the Game of Thrones production isn’t quite finished filming at Magheramorne Quarry, which has long stood in for Castle Black, among other things (e.g. Hardhome). It appears that filming continues, and a scene today required extras.

Any ideas as to what this “very exciting” scene may involve? Irish Thrones has a bit of corroborating evidence that something is going down.

So whatever the production is filming at Magheramorne doesn’t require Kit Harington to be present. Does this mean that the scene will take place after Jon Snow has left the Wall to take part in the Battle of the Bastards? Or maybe Harington is just filming material in a studio that will later be cut together with scenes shot at Magheramorne Quarry. Movie magic!

In any case, the production is definitely in the area. Watchers on the Wall noticed that Peter Marley, a crew member who’s been working on Game of Thrones since Season 2, posted a few new pictures to his Instagram account, including this one of vehicle tracks in the mud at Magheramorne.

I’m sure they’ll clear the track-marks up by the time it goes to film. Marley also posted a photo of “real fake snow” in a forest in Crossgar, Northern Ireland.

This forest looks similar to one a different crew member took pictures of about a week back, although those pictures have since been removed. Anyway, add Crossgar to the list of filming locations for Game of Thrones Season 6.

Finally, Irish Thrones has an update from the Riverrun set at Corbet-Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

It sounds like they’re having weather trouble at the Riverrun set, which wouldn’t be the first time. Let’s hope the production gets what it needs before things get worse.