Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee’s Musical Career


It is easy to think of Peter Capaldi as the punk rock Doctor, but he is not the only one to have dabbled in music on Doctor Who. As it turns out, Jon Pertwee had one of his own.

Doctor Who has had a great deal of influence in various forms of media throughout the years. There are bands that specialize in Doctor Who themed music, programs and movies that have used the show as an inspiration and a who line of books and comics.

Likewise, with Peter Capaldi, there is an overlap into the musical world. We know of his time with the Dreamboys as the frontman/guitarist, and his love of music has carried over, with the Doctor playing the guitar at several points in time. But, as it turns out, he is not the first musical Doctor on the show. Instead, that honor goes to Jon Pertwee.

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From 1966 through 1982, Pertwee appeared in various compilations, and released several singles. Back in 1972, Pertwee recorded the vocals for one of these singles, a track called ‘Who is the Doctor’ for Purple Records. The track features the very distinctive theme music for Doctor Who, and Pertwee’s vocal stylings accompanied by the band behind him.

It is certainly an interesting track, and is definitely not the worst thing that has ever been recorded. In this tune, Pertwee’s vocals are sort of reminiscent of those of John McCrea or even William Shatner, as it sounds more like talking than actually singing. Of course, since Pertwee also does not sound like William Hung, which is a positive.

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Peter Capaldi may be the best known musician on Doctor Who these days, but as it turns out, he has company in that role. Jon Pertwee also had a musical career, and his single ‘Who is the Doctor’ was a pretty solid effort.