Doctor Who: News Roundup, March 19th, 2016

A compilation of various recent Doctor Who news from around the internet for March 19th, 2016

Doctor Who arguably makes more big announcements than any other show in history. Fans have gotten so gluttonous for such news that pre big announcement scraps of information are given their own articles. Such has been the case regarding the search for who will replace Jenna Coleman as the next Doctor’s companion. You see evidence of this in articles such as the following:

Doctor Who To Have Different Tone With New Companion

Peter Capaldi Says No To Male Companion

The Search for a “Different” Companion

Peter Capaldi Says that the New Companion Will Likely Be Announced “Fairly Soon”

Well, now we have some more vague information. According to Radio Times, Peter Capaldi says that the new companion has been chosen. The big reveal of who this individual is will come very soon. They have already begun working with Capaldi, and their character knows “very little about the Doctor.” Having only traveled with Clara as a long term companion, it is the first time that this incarnation of the Doctor will have to start from scratch getting acquainted with someone else in the position.

Speaking of mysteries, the Doctor — classically known as Doctor Who by mostly older fans — is known in Spanish-speaking countries as Doctor Misterio. Peter Capaldi was recently greeted as such by excited fans holding signs at the Mexico City Airport on March 16th. He is currently there for La Mole Comic Con at the World Trade Center, which takes place March 18th through the 20th. He appears today for a question and answer session, as well as witnessing an attempt “to set the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people in Doctor Who cosplay gathered in one place.”

A full-size Lego TARDIS is on display at the Royal Easter Show at the Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia from March 17th to the 30th. This marks its second appearance in Sydney, the first being at The Doctor Who Festival Australia in November of 2015. Also at the Royal Easter Show are Doctor Who showbags for sale containing a plethora of TARDIS swag. Each bag contains such items as a beanie hat, backpack, tote bag, tin case, notebook, and lanyard. For more information, see Toy & Hobby Retailer.

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