Theory: Westworld is located under the ocean

There have been a lot of theories about where Westworld is located, but could it be in a contained under sea base?


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Westworld fans have thrown out a plethora of theories about where the park might be located, but we think one wild theory stands above the rest in our minds. Some have guessed that Westworld is located on Mars, or in an orbital space station of some kind, but we think the park is in an even more interesting location.

The Westworld terms and conditions say that the park is “off of the mainland” and talk about Westworld’s port. That pretty well means it’s either an island or under the sea. Those same terms and conditions also mention that any criminal offence performed in the park, we assume they mean violence against other guests, would be in the jurisdiction of the “territory”. So it certainly sounds like Westworld is also on earth. We also know the that the Westworld employees live on site and rotate back home periodically. This means that traveling to and from Westworld is a significant journey.
The Westworld terms and conditions also put the limit on time in Westworld for guests at twenty eight days. We don’t know why twenty eight days is the limit of time you can spend in Westworld, but we do know that after twenty eight days you have to “decompress”. This could mean decompress in a physiological way, that staying in Westworld too long is hard on the mind. But it could also mean decompress in the same way that divers must decompress before returning to the surface.
There are two final clues that make us think that make us think that Westworld is underwater. First there’s the water in the cold storage area of the Westworld base. There’s no doubt that if you dug that far underground you’d have problems with water leaking in, but would it be that much water? Perhaps cold storage being at the bottom of the base means that it’s close to some sort of bilge pump system?
Lastly we have to look at the flies of Westworld. Every animal in Westworld is artificial, except the flies. Putting aside why the flies are the only living things other than guests and management in Westworld, wouldn’t an island have birds, mosquitoes, or indigenous animals?
So it’s our best guess that Westworld is located beneath the ocean. This may seem like an unimportant detail right now, but being under the sea would certainly become important very quickly if you needed to evacuate the park.

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