Here’s why we don’t think everyone in Westworld is a host


Here’s why we don’t think everyone on Westworld is a host.

Westworld has inspired a million fan theories already, some of them are incredibly deep and backed up by a plethora of evidence, others are just hunches. We absolutely love the theories that Westworld has inspired and have a great time debating and arguing about which ones we think are true. There’s one major theory going around that we really hope isn’t true; the idea that everyone at Delos is a host.

The basic idea here is that everyone in management from Bernard to Theresa is a host. It’s the idea that no one but the guests and Ford are actually real people. This theory makes Ford into a demented Walt Disney running his entire kingdom of robots with more robots. The theory relies on some of the things Ford says to Bernard about the way he thinks as most of its proof.

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There’s no doubt that Ford likes talking to his creations and may enjoy spending time with them more than real people. We saw him commiserating with an old host called Bill in episode one, and then we saw him on an introspective walk with a young boy that some think Ford may have modeled after his younger self. Would it be so odd for Ford to enjoy seeing his creations though? Walt Disney was known to put on a disguise and ride the rides at Disneyland.

Westworld is an incredibly deep show that draws us deeper and deeper into mystery with each episode; it would be very disappointing for it to use a tired device like revealing that everyone is a robot. We just really think Westworld is better than that.

If Westworld did reveal that everyone in the park was a host then what was the point? The whole show is based on a conflict between humans and artificial life. If there aren’t any real humans in a position of power then it really is pointless.

Right now we find ourselves siding with the hosts, feeling sorry for them and what they are going through. If management was revealed to be hosts as well it would darken our opinion of Ford, but would change how we felt about the humans as they “bad guys.”

Honestly there are probably no truly white and black hats in Westworld. This is a show about robots that explores what it means to be human; if you take all the humans out of it, then it’s just a show about robots.

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