Get The Lowdown on Westworld: 9 Confirmed Rumors For Season 2


Just as Robert Ford prevented any real secrets from leaving the park, the showrunners of Westworld have kept just as tight a leash on Season 2. What are we to expect in the upcoming season of  Westworld? There’s been a lot of rumors floating around on the internet. Let’s take a look at 9 Confirmed Rumors for Westworld Season 2.

1. Time Jump

Don’t think Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off. Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan teased that there will be a time jump, revealing the aftermath and effects of Ford’s new narrative. It’s unclear how extensive the time jump will be. But it sounds like it will likely be substantial enough to depict how the hosts, guests, and Delos employees have acclimated to the dramatic shift of power within the park.

2. The Return Of Logan And Young William

‘Westworld’ [Credit: HBO]While many of the show’s mysteries were impressively answered and resolved before the final credits rolled for Season 1, questions still remain for Logan and William. Audiences still don’t know what happened to Logan after William sent him off naked on that horse. The essence of William’s transformation from naive idealist to the ruthless Man in Black overall proved both shocking and satisfying. However, there are definitely still gaps in his story.

Ben Barnes confirmed his return as Logan via interview, and Jimmi Simpson confirmed his return as young William via Twitter. Now that audiences know their scenes are taking place in the past rather than the present, it’ll be intriguing to see how their story evolves in Season 2. At the very least, audiences should learn what happened to Logan after riding off on the horse, and further see how William became the formidable Man in Black. There’s a lot of trips William took to Westworld that audiences still haven’t seen. Most importantly, though, the tension between William and Logan is far from over.

3. Stubbs Is Alive (And Elsie Probably Is Too) In Westworld

‘Westworld’ [Credit: HBO]Both Elsie Hughes and Ashley Stubbs were too good at their jobs, and thus began their investigations into the inconsistencies within the park. Then each one mysteriously disappeared from the par, which caused fans to speculate about their appearances in Season 2.

In the Season 2 trailer and via interview, Luke Hemsworth is confirmed to be returning as a living, breathing Stubbs. The trailer showed Stubbs was ready for battle while riding shotgun in a jeep. It’s unknown what happened with those Ghost Nation hosts, but it looks like Stubbs will be playing a key role in trying to salvage the situation in the park.

Elsie has not been officially confirmed to return, but it seems very likely given the online Easter Egg tracking the location of her tablet in Sector 20. She may even return with an unexpected connection to the hosts built in the image of Ford’s family. Regardless, all evidence seems to indicate that two of the park’s best employees will be back in action in Season 2.

4. Peter Abernathy And Angela Will Play Larger Roles

‘Westworld’ [Credit: HBO]Peter Abernathy and Angela played integral roles in the beginning of Season 1. Abernathy’s visceral reaction to the photo was one of the first signs to both the Delos employees and the audience that the hosts were “miles beyond a glitch.”  Meanwhile, Angela provided William’s first experience and insight into Westworld before it forever changed his life and identity. Abernathy and Angela popped up again later on, but never to the capacity teased in the beginning.

‘Westworld’ [Credit: HBO]That will change in Season 2 as the actors playing the two characters have been bumped up to series regulars. Audiences will likely learn much more about these hosts and see how they’re navigating their changed world. Hopefully the increased presence of Abernathy also exposes a past connection the photo of Logan’s sister and the Man in Black’s wife. It would add another meaningful layer to his reaction in the show’s very first episode. Given their history, Angela could also test the Man in Black in ways different than most of the other hosts. She’s definitely teased to be a darker character in Season 2. With or without the Man in Black, both characters will have larger roles to play than in Season 1.

5. Samurai World

Westworld will follow through on the Samurai World tease at least to a certain extent as Hiroyuki Sanada has been cast as the character Musashi. His Funko Pop looks similar to the Samurai World hosts that Maeve glimpsed at the end of Season 1, leading many to believe that Musashi is a host. It is still unknown if the show will actually go to Samurai World, or if only Musashi will cross into Westworld or the Delos facilities. With only the casting and Funko Pop to go off of, there is still some speculation. But it’s exciting to assume that the new character Musashi may open up the possibility to introduction of the park.

6. No Roman World Or Medieval World

The Samurai World tease led many fans to believe that along with Westworld, Season 2 could feature all four parks featured in the 1973 Westworld film. However, Jonathan Nolan shot down the rumors of showcasing Roman World and Medieval World. With the drastic shift of dynamics within Westworld and the Samurai World tease, Season 2 already has more than enough on its plate. It seems like a smart call not to include Roman World or Medieval World, no matter how much fun they’d be. Confirming that these worlds won’t factor into Season 2 has the fans minds at ease.

7. The Return of Hector (And Probably Armistice As Well)

‘Westworld’ [Credit: HBO]In addition to Maeve, Hector is one of the few hosts who witnessed the tease of Samurai World. His fate was unclear after Maeve prevented him from completely escaping the Delos facilities alongside her. Despite the heavily armed security team about to pounce on Hector when we last saw him, Rodrigo Santoro is confirmed to return as Hector for Season 2. Although not confirmed, it also seems highly likely that his gunslinging pal Armistice will also be back, perhaps minus the arm she lost in the Season 1 finale post-credits scene.

Both hosts are in the unique position of providing a story line outside the park. A reunion with Maeve also seems likely because of her decision to stay and find her daughter. Maeve was seen in the Season 2 trailer alongside narrative writer Lee Sizemore in the bloodstained park facilities, the same place where we last saw Hector and Armistice. The time jump could affect the potential of this story, but it seems like an intentional decision to place all three hosts in the unique position of the outside world.

8. More Insight Into The Guest Experience And Perspective

Season 1 had a heavy emphasis on experiencing Westworld through the host perspective. Other than William/the Man in Black and Logan, there was less experience and perspective through the lens of guests. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have confirmed that will change in Season 2. They promise answers to many of the questions fans still have about the guest experience. Beyond the Man in Black, new characters like Grace (Katja Herbers) will help provide insight into the guest experience. Grace is another guest who knows the ins and outs at Westworld. There will probably be a few flashbacks showing her experiences under the park’s normal conditions. These experiences will help her survive and navigate the brutality of Ford’s new narrative.

Another new character, Nicholas (Neil Jackson), has been described as “a charming and resourceful man in uncharted territory.” It stands to reason that Nicholas will also be a guest. But not as experienced as fellow guests Grace and the Man in Black.

9. Learning More About Host Construction

‘Westworld’ [Credit: HBO]While audiences experienced Westworld through the hosts points of view, there’s still some mysteries surrounding the development of the robots. Jonathan Nolan promises that Season 2 will dive more into the construction of the hosts. He also will explain what their power source is as well. He teases that the hosts are more biological than mechanical.

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Both the hosts and audience are looking for answers to all of these questions. Now that they have free will, they’ll want to truly understand what makes them tick. Bernard and Maeve have the most intimate understandings of these concepts, but even they don’t know every single detail.

Since the devil is in the details, it’s good separate fact from fiction. Hopefully, these 9 confirmed rumors have to ready to break free of your loop.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere Spring 2018.

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