What’s The Deal With The Faceless Host In The Westworld S2 Trailer?

There are lots of things to unpack from the Westworld Season 2 trailer, but what’s the deal with those giant faceless hosts?

In true Westworld form, there are many mysteries presented in the Season 2 trailer that aired during Super Bowl LII. The trailer reacquainted audiences with familiar characters like Bernard and Dolores. But, it also featured a character unlike anything fans have seen before, the giant faceless host.

The host appears twice in the trailer, first trailing menacingly behind Bernard (0:46) and later throwing an individual in a lab coat through some glass (1:16). Unlike this new faceless host, all the hosts we’ve seen have looked human to a certain degree. Even before receiving anything that looks like skin, the host always had the outline of a a skull-like face.

This is what makes the faceless host so unsettling and unique. It looks completely devoid of any personality or identity, which makes it very different from any other host we saw in the show’s first season. Their existence raises many intriguing questions. Let’s dive into the mystery surrounding the faceless hosts, beginning with who built them.

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Were The Faceless Host Built By Delos To Serve As An Army?

Faceless Hosts

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One fan on Reddit has already theorized that the host is not unfinished, and is part of an army built by Delos. Charlotte Hale already tried to smuggle data out of the park that would unlock the secrets to creating hosts. She made clear that Delos saw potential for host technology far beyond rich tourists playing cowboy, potential that would allow Delos to profit exponentially.

It certainly stands to reason that Delos planned on adapting the host technology for military purposes. The hosts could be engineered as the perfect soldiers, with the ideal personalities, intelligence and combat training . They could be brought back to life as many times as possible, and they wouldn’t be able to spill secrets. In short, Delos could sell unstoppable armies. They would intentionally make the hosts faceless to emphasize and discourage the sense of identity and personality.

The prototypes can be sent to destroy the revolution and take back control. Pitted against hosts designed by Ford and Arnold, it’s the perfect test to see if a host army is a viable product for Delos. They could even become Terminator-esque creatures, designed specifically to sense and destroy the revolting hosts.

It’s unclear from the trailer if the faceless host is creeping up on Bernard, or if it’s trailing him like a dutiful bodyguard. Since Bernard will likely be put in a position on the inside with Delos, the host could be under Bernard’s control. Bernard may even be tasked with building these soldier prototypes. However, it’s also possible the faceless host recognizes Bernard is a host, and is getting ready to attack.

Are They Soldiers For Dolores’ Host Revolution?

Dolores Westworld Season 2

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Another shot in the trailer shows the faceless host hurling a lab coat-wearing individual through some glass (whom appears to be a Delos employee). In this case. the faceless host’s violent actions don’t make sense with the aforementioned theory about them being soldiers for Delos. Flipping that theory on its head, there is a possibility that the faceless host was designed as a soldier in Dolores’ revolution.

Bernard and Maeve have enough knowledge to build hosts, and a human ally like Felix could possibly assist as well. These hosts would serve as a perfect fighting force against Delos and would have only one purpose – to kill. It might seem cruel (and antithetical to the revolution) to create hosts only for the sake of fighting. But, that’s probably why they are faceless. They also wouldn’t have the ability to gain sentience.

It would be a fascinating irony to have sentient hosts building and controlling non-sentient hosts for their revolution. This theory would also explain why the faceless host reacted violently towards the human in the lab coat. It also indicates that the faceless host is dutiful trailing Bernard instead of stalking him for nefarious reasons.

Could The Faceless Host Be Ford’s Last Gift?

[Credit: HBO]

Fans speculated that Ford (or someone) built the faceless host in the church basement. This is the same basement where Bernard killed Theresa, Dolores and Arnold had their private chats, and where Dolores found the center of the maze. Many fans believed that Ford built a host version of himself in the basement, but he could have been building the faceless host.

This raises the question of what Ford intended with this specific host. It could be his last gift, a protector to watch over Bernard as he navigates the challenging future. It could also be an experiment of sorts, left for Bernard and the other hosts. In this case, they would have to learn how to shape a fellow host who is untainted by the programming and desires of humans. Depending on Ford’s intentions, the host may or may not be unfinished. In this scenario, there is only one faceless host and not an army.


The faceless host has certainly peaked our interest, and we look forward to learning the whole story behind it. We still have a few months until Westworld Season 2 drops. Until then, we will continue to speculate on anything and everything Westworld.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere on HBO Sunday, April 22, 2018 9PM/EST.

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