Season 8 filming: The Red Keep shows up on the King’s Landing set in Belfast


HBO has been building a massive King’s Landing set on a backlot at Titanic Studios since October of last year, and now, after all these months, the most important building in the city has arrived on the scene: the Red Keep.

Or a wall of it, anyway:

Image: A Red Priestess
Image: A Red Priestess /


Image: A Red Priestess
Image: A Red Priestess /

These images come courtesy of A Red Priestess, who’s been keeping an eye on Titanic Studios for months. Back when the wall was a blast of red, before the detailing was added, we thought it might be a specially colored green screen, but it’s, uh, not. It’s the Red Keep.

Anyway, this wall is located at the other end of the street from the city gate, giving us a good idea of what the finished set will look like. There’s the strong (for now) city gate at one end, then a street with buildings on either side, and finally the entrance to the Red Keep. Whatever wacky things will the cast get up when filming starts?

In any case, we can’t wait for production to get under way here — lord knows they’ve been building it for long enough. And after it’s done, the set will stay up as a tourist attraction, so one way or another, the waiting will not have been in vain.

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