Highly detailed images of the battered King’s Landing set as filming quiets down

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO
Image: Game of Thrones/HBO /


After months of watching the Game of Thrones crew build a specularly detailed King’s Landing set near Titanic Studios in Belfast — easily the most elaborate set they’ve ever constructed — we’ve spent the last couple weeks watching them set big parts of it ablaze, all in service of an action sequence that looks like it’ll be among the most impressive the show has ever done, which is saying something.

Today, things are quieter on set, although Oakleaf Photography has posted some incredibly detailed images that give you an idea of just how much love and effort the crew is expending to make this sequence look great. Here, for example, is the once-proud city gate, brought low by fire:

Image: Oakleaf Photography
Image: Oakleaf Photography /

And here a dome in the city skyline, modeled after the top of St. Blaise’s Church in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Image: Oakleaf Photography
Image: Oakleaf Photography /

So real you can touch it…cause they built it. This set clearly took a ton of work, but looking at these images, I think it’ll be worth it once we see it on screen come 2019.

Beyond that, Game of Thrones photographer extraordinaire A Red Priestess surmises that most of the filming today was done inside the Paint Hall, although she did see a green screen dragon rig, previously hidden from view, pop back out into the open:

“It all ends next week.” We’ll be there.

That timing would end up with what we’ve heard about the series wrap party, which is supposed to go down tomorrow. I think we can safely assume that this cast and crew will go out with a bang.

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