Kit Harington reflects on finishing Game of Thrones: “They were a family and it was my life”

Now that shooting on Game of Thrones has ended forever, cast members are getting out there and reflecting on the experience, and sometimes even spill behind-the-scenes secrets. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) looked back at the show during an interview with BBC Radio 2, and he’s feeling wistful. “I’ve actually just wrapped on Thursday last week,” he said.

And it’s just been this amazing journey. I kinda said to them on my wrap speech that it’s always been more than a job. They were a family and it was my life. I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been quite emotional last week thinking about having ended, having finished it.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Harington recently made one of his costars family when he married Rose Leslie (Ygritte). “It was amazing,” he said of the wedding. “It was everything that I could have ever wanted and more.” Aw.

If you’re wondering, Harington said “I, Kit” in his wedding vows, even though his first name is technically Christopher, something he didn’t learn until he was 11. He just goes by Kit, and good on him — “Christopher Harington” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Harington also reflected on his Game of Thrones audition, when he didn’t show up looking his best. “I had a black eye on my first audition going in for Jon Snow,” he revealed. How did he get it?

In a fight in McDonald’s, as you do. Which I lost, really badly, so I wasn’t tough at all. But I feel like somewhere that guy who gave me that black guy might have helped me play a hard man on TV, so it sort of backfired for him.

As long as it worked out in the end.

The interview was conducted by Craig Charles, the star of the British cult classic sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. He called “Battle of the Bastards” one of the best pieces of television he’d ever seen in his life, and Harington returned the praise. “As a massive Red Dwarf fan, Craig, is a great honor for me.”

Charles continued: “Sometimes I look at Game of Thrones and say, ‘Why didn’t they give us that budget?'” I think we’d all like that budget from time to time.

With Game of Thrones now in the rearview mirror, fans can catch Harington starring alongside Johnny Flynn (Jerome Flynn’s (Bronn) younger brother) in London in the Sam Shepherd play True West. Harington plays Austin, a neurotic screenwriter who’s on the cusp of success, but is held back by his “unpredictable and dangerous” brother Lee (Flynn), with whom he lives.

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