Peter Dinklage says Game of Thrones season 8 will top Battle of the Bastards


It’s hard to imagine that Game of Thrones can top the intense action and high drama that the “Battle of the Bastards” offered fans in season 6. Sure, there was the Loot Train Attack in season 7 — which in itself was terrifying to behold — but it lacked the underlying emotion of a beloved family trying to win back its home from the monster who took it, and more, from them.

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So, can season 8 bring us something like the penultimate episode of season 6, or better? Well, according to Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), it absolutely can. Making an appearance at the world premiere of his new film, I think We’re Alone Now, the actor seemed very confident in his answer when a reporter asked him, “On Game of Thrones, one question, can the Battle of the Bastards possibly be topped?”

"Oh my god, and then some. You are in for it. Truly."

What could Dinklage be referring to, so boldly? Well, there’s the fact that production for season 8 filmed a massive battle sequence that spanned a mindblowing 55 consecutive nights. Film crews worked on location at Moneyglass, where the set for Winterfell is located, at Magheramorne Quarry, where an enormous green screen was erected, and at Saintfield, where Battle of the Bastards was filmed in season 6. Apparently, the idea for this incredible battle sequence was to splice the shots from each location together, for one huge scene.

It’s also worth noting that before this 55-night shoot came together, Battle of the Bastards held sway as the most involved battle sequence in Game of Thrones filming history, coming in at just over a month.

It looks like Dinklage could be talking about this huge fight. If so, expect there to be loads of death and destruction, and possibly the loss of one or two key cast members. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is set to debut sometime in early 2019. Color us excited.

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