Maisie Williams open to playing Arya again “down the road”

Game of Thrones introduced the world to a slew of memorable — the wily Tyrion Lannister, the iron-willed Daenerys Targaryen, the powerful Brienne of Tarth…and while it’s hard to say which of them has become the most iconic, Arya Stark has to be in the running. This tomboy-turned-assassin with a heart of gold captivated audiences from the start.

Happily, Arya survived the show’s final season, and is currently somewhere on the high seas exploring what lies west of Westeros. Of all the characters, Arya seems like one of the most likely to be featured in a potential spinoff, since her future is so wide open. Unfortunately, HBO programming president Casey Bloys has said that HBO isn’t interested in making any Game of Thrones sequel series, and most of the actors are noncommittal at best.

…for now! I’ve always figured that while we probably won’t see any of these actors step back into their Game of Thrones roles for a long while, things might look different some years down the line. Speaking to Tings Magazine, it sounds like Williams agrees with me. ““I can hand-over-my-heart say that I don’t think there’s going to be a spin off,” she said. “I do think playing Arya again would be wonderful. I miss her a lot. I think the show needs to stew for a little bit, but maybe a ways down the road…?”

I agree with her 100% — it’s too early for spinoffs and sequels now, but down the road? Give me all of them.

Part of what is giving Williams pause about a spinoff is that Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have moved on from this world. “They brought me into this world and it would be strange to do something without them.” But then again, they’ve only moved on for now…give everyone a decade and we’ll see where they are.

As for Williams’ immediate future, she’s not rushing into anything. “Now that I’ve been given some time off, it’s not like I’m never going to act again, but I’m just trying to figure out some other things that I enjoy,” she said. “I don’t want to sign another 10-year contract for a while. A lot of TV is incredible right now but those shooting schedules are just wild. At the moment, I’m just reading a lot and figuring out what’s out there.”

More power to her. And for those fans who want more Game of Thrones, HBO is making a prequel series. None of the actors we know are involved, but it’s still more Westeros.

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