We asked AI who should play Aegon the Conqueror (and its pick is unexpected)


Fans of the Game of Thrones franchise have been abuzz since last week when it was announced that HBO is eyeing a spinoff about Aegon I Targaryen. This would serve as a prequel to both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, following Aegon’s conquest to become the first king to ever sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Of course, just because the series — and possibly a movie, too — is being developed doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily happen. It would be really awesome to see Aegon’s conquest play out onscreen, but who knows if it’ll actually happen? In any case, it’s still fun to speculate on who could play the influential character, and we definitely have our own picks.

All over social media, fans have been pleading for Henry Cavill to play Aegon, but to be honest, I doubt that’ll happen. While we wait for any potential future news about the prequel, we asked AI to tell us who it thinks would be the perfect casting. And just like with the Cavill fan cast, I don’t buy this one either.

AI wants Tom Hardy to play Aegon the Conqueror in Game of Thrones prequel

I asked the AI tool ChatGPT to tell me who should play Aegon using “the voice of a Game of Thrones fan,” here’s what I got:

"Ah, so you want to know who should play Aegon I Targaryen in a spinoff show, do you? Well, as a Game of Thrones fan, I can tell you that Aegon I Targaryen, also known as Aegon the Conqueror, was a fierce and powerful ruler who conquered the Seven Kingdoms and established the Targaryen dynasty.Now, when it comes to casting Aegon I Targaryen, we need an actor who can embody his strength, leadership, and charisma. Hmm, let me think…Ah, I have it! I think Tom Hardy would be perfect for the role. He has a commanding presence on screen, and he’s played tough, charismatic characters before, like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and Eddie Brock/Venom in Venom. Plus, he’s not from the franchise, so he’d bring a fresh energy to the role.Yes, I can already see it now. Tom Hardy as Aegon the Conqueror, riding his dragon and leading his army to victory. It would be epic!"

Sorry, ChatGPT, but no. I really like Tom Hardy; he’s very talented, versatile, and undeniably good-looking. But for Aegon? I don’t see it. The main reason I’d be against this casting is Hardy’s age. At 45, he’s far too old to portray Aegon, who is around the age of 25 at the start of his conquest. Presumably, we’d get to see Aegon age quite a bit throughout the series, so we wouldn’t want someone who looks that young, either. All of that said, an actor in their late 20s or early-to-mid 30s would be ideal.

Hardy would also be wrong for the role, in my opinion, because he’s too famous. People already know him for his various roles, and that would probably take away from his portrayal of Aegon. As we’ve said here at Winter is Coming, casting a relatively unknown actor would be the best play, just like Game of Thrones did with many of its characters.

I definitely don’t agree with AI’s casting here, but I’ve now been imagining Tom Hardy in a silver-white wig, which is hilarious. So that’s fun!

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