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Jerome Flynn talks Game of Thrones auditions, insistent fans, and new Ripper Street series

By Ani Bundel on

Jerome Flynn is out promoting Series 3 of his other costume drama, Ripper Street, and interviewers are also keen to hear about his role on Game of Thrones, and landing the role of Bronn, which returned him to acting after a … Continue reading

Michelle MacLaren to direct Wonder Woman; Robb Stark is Prince Charming

By Cameron White on

Hollywood continues to snatch up the talented Thrones cast and crew, and today brought some pretty fantastic news. After previously hinting that Michelle MacLaren was back on the shortlist, The Hollywood Reporter officially confirms that television director Michelle MacLaren will be directing … Continue reading

Game Of Thrones returns to Littlefinger’s big brothel

By Ani Bundel on

According to Making Game of Thrones, the production will not be giving up its philandering ways for Season 5. A city still needs a brothel, and the show may still need its sexposition. Apparently they don’t need protection though. Set … Continue reading

Telltale’s Game of Thrones adventure game FAQ

By Rowan Kaiser on

As you’ve probably noticed this week, news about Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series adventure game has been coming regularly, with its release scheduled for the next few weeks. Video game fans may be excited, but if you’re more into … Continue reading

Game of Thrones nominated for two ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards

By Ani Bundel on

For the third year in a row, Game of Thrones has been nominated for the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Outstanding Achievement Award in Television. This is the second straight year second year they’ve garnered two different nominations in the Regular … Continue reading

WiC Weekly: November 16-22

By Rowan Kaiser on

Time for another round of our best and most popular articles of the week! Make sure you didn’t miss anything…. Time for the weekly roundup! Biggest news of the week: @telltalegames released their Lena Headey-voiced trailer: — Winter is … Continue reading

The WiCnet Awards: Season 4′s Best Performance as a Politician

By Cameron White on

The WiCnet Awards continue! Last week’s Best Special Effect went to an absolutely jaw-dropping over-the-Wall shot from the epic penultimate episode. This week, we’re looking at the season’s Best Performance as a Politician. Find your inner Machiavelli when you vote … Continue reading

Telltale reveals new characters for Game of Thrones adventure

By Rowan Kaiser on

In addition to releasing their trailer for “Iron from Ice” yesterday, Telltale Games also included character information, with a different reveal being given to a different game or entertainment site, for a total of 13 characters associated with House Forrester. … Continue reading

And the WiCnet Award for Best Special Effect in Season 4 goes to…

By Rowan Kaiser on

…the over-The-Wall shot from “The Watchers on the Wall”! It joins the wildfire explosion from “Blackwater” and the dragon attack from “And Now His Watch Is Ended” as winners in this category, and fits marvelously alongside those. There are two … Continue reading

First trailer for Telltale’s Game of Thrones released

By Rowan Kaiser on

Telltale Games has released a trailer for the first episode of its Game of Thrones adventure game, “Iron from Ice”! There are three big pieces of news to go along with it as well. First, the trailer is fantastically narrated by … Continue reading

The Reality of Filming Dragons

By Ani Bundel on

According to A Wiki of Ice and Fire: Dragons are magical creatures, which existed on the continents of Westeros and Essos, and up until recently were considered to have been extinct for over one hundred and fifty years. The only remaining traces of the dragons … Continue reading

“Fire and Blood”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 10

By Rowan Kaiser on

One of the unsurprising themes to emerge over the course of these reviews is the disruption of viewer expectations. This is obvious with Ned’s death, as most shows don’t kill their heroes so abruptly. But I think even that doesn’t … Continue reading

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