Thomas Brodie-Sangster on Jojen Reed’s uncertain future; Chris Newman talks producing Game of Thrones

As we saw in “Oathkeeper,” Jojen Reed is ailing, and in a new interview with Thronecast, actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster speaks about the physical toll his character’s psychic gifts take on him. Brodie-Sangster clarifies his character’s abilities, chats about the significance of the Three-Eyed Raven, and hints at Jojen’s uncertain fate.

Also chatting with Thronecast this week, GoT producer Chris Newman offers his perspective on overseeing the vast world of Game of Thrones, including the huge size of the crew, seeking out new locations, and episode 4’s Fortress of Solitude-like home of the White Walkers. The surprising conclusion of last week’s episode is especially interesting when it comes to this interview, as Newman in fact worked on the Superman films.


  • Chris Newman has quite the dry sense of humor…the interview was quite entertaining. And Thomas Brodie-Sangster, that kid (he’s what, in his 20’s) seems so wise and has a personality well beyond his years. He’s been acting for quite some time so I guess he would be very polished. But it’s more than that. I think he is an actor’s actor, if you know what I mean.

    I followed the links to other Thronecast interviews and finally got to see Daniel Portman’s and I LOVE his native Scottish accent…ah be still my heart! :)

  • Mrs. D. Ranged in AZ: And Thomas Brodie-Sangster, that kid (he’s what, in his 20′s) seems so wise and has a personality well beyond his years.

    That’s why he’s the perfect little (big) grandfather. Am I right? Eh, am I right?

    I suddenly feel like catching up with Phineas and Ferb again. I haven’t watched any in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES!

    He was pretty good in the Doctor Who 2-parter from 2007, Human Nature/The Family of Blood, which also had Harry Lloyd (Viserys) in an antagonistic role. It’s good that these actors who only get one or 2 episodes in Who can appear in Thrones for multiple seasons (or episodes in Lloyd’s case :( ).

  • Jojen Paste confirmed!

    I mean what else would Jojen do? He cant go back to Greywater Watch and just live out the rest of his days, he knew since the beginning he would die helping Bran, the only creepy part is Bran having to actually drink Jojens blood, its nasty but necessary for a greenseer probably.

  • ok, i dont know what happens after book 3, but i have a crazy theory. What if: jojen, meera and hodor die next episode.
    Jojen dies telling Jon the truth(using his power makes him ill right?). Meera dies in battle. And Hodor of his leg wound. Then BR helps Bran and he continues his journey with him.
    Would be interesting. lol

  • matt v.,

    Don’t let Turncloak read your post. He might suggest that Bran eat Jojen if and when he dies in order to boost his greensight.

  • For me, Thomas Brodie-Sangster will forever remain “that kid from Love Actually”.

  • Turncloak,

    I was just speculating! :) But if you are actually serious about that info being spoilerish, I must chuckle. Hodor would make much better, much more tasty, chip dip.

  • Alex Greyjoy:
    For me, Thomas Brodie-Sangster will forever remain “that kid from Love Actually”.

    He’ll always be the kid from Doctor Who Human Nature/Family of Blood.