New details about Game of Thrones season five filming in Seville

The latest news from Spain is that location shoots for season five of Game of Thrones will happen in October, from the 14th to the 22nd at the Real Alcázar in Seville, and then the show will move on to Osuna.  Preparations of the alcázar will begin the week before. reports that production will film inside the Mudéjar Palace of the alcázar for the first three days, and  will work exclusively in the gardens for the remaining six days shoot in Seville.

Additionally, according to, HBO has retained special permission to dye dark blue the waters of the pond surrounding the statue of Mercury. The show will use an eco-friendly product that evaporates several days after being used in the water.

The statue featured in the center of the pond is over four hundred years old, having been sculpted by Diego de Pesquera and cast by Bartolome Morel in 1576. Though there were initial misgivings, eventually an exception was made due to the importance of the Water Gardens of Dorne in season five.

The article notes that since they are filming within the palace, very few extras will be used.

After Seville shooting concludes, the cast and crew will move on to Osuna, where reportedly a “great battle” is going to be filmed.

Ours is the Fury: The alcázar is a beautiful location, the perfect Water Gardens. As for Osuna, I’m still curious whether it’s something involving the bull ring. It certainly seems like a great candidate for Meereen’s climax in season five, though they were scouting other locations in that area.