Game of Thrones Filming at Roman Bridge of Cordoba

The Spanish leg of the Game of Thrones Season 5 tour expanded today, as filming moved to a new location. According to Cordopolis, this Roman Bridge of Cordoba was cut off this morning to accommodate the production. No word if this is part of filming Essos or Dorne, both of which are being filmed in the country, with Dorne focused around Sevilla and Essos around Osuna.

We’ve got pictures from production set up below. No spoilers!

The series has been in negotiation with the area to use the bridge for filming, and rumors have been rife for months that the show was coming to the area. But it wasn’t until the production descended today that locals were sure if it was really happening.

According to sources, filming here will be only for a short stint. After tomorrow, the production is scheduled to move on.

For those playing tourist in Spain hoping to catch glimpses of the actors, or scenes, this might afford a better opportunity than Seville which has been locked down tight.

If anyone has reports from the area, or more pictures, drop us a line.