Game Of Thrones celebrates with Icing and Cake

As Game of Thrones filming draws to a close in Osuna, the production surprised Emilia Clarke with an amazing cake. A few tweets suggested it was “her name day” but we’re unclear if they mean the name day of the character she plays, or the name day of Clarke herself.

Either way, it looked like a delicious cake. More pictures below.

Clarke’s actual birthday is not until May 1st, but that didn’t stop a few sites from declaring this a celebration of her 28th birthday. (We counted and there appear to be 27 candles.)

As for Daenerys Targaryen’s birthday, the Most Precise ASOIAF Timeline In Existence puts it at May 5th.

That doesn’t mean there’s not some sort of in-show observance being celebrated outside the show, however.

(We’re only sorry the cake they made didn’t have dragon eggs, like this fan-made cake. Still, the Targaryen House symbol is also appropriate.)

With reports that Game Of Thrones is negotiating a return for Season 6, perhaps this will seal the deal.