ThinkGeek Imagines Up “Clue: Game of Thrones Edition”

Though the big news around here is that there are now only 12 days until the premiere of Game of Thrones, elsewhere on the Internet it’s crazy pranks day. ThinkGeek, makers of toys and specials and nerdy fun, is famous for going all out every year on April 1st with gag products, a few of which have, over the years, actually become real products (TaunTaun sleeping bag anyone?).

With Game of Thrones so heavily on the geek hive mind, it only makes sense that one of the products released today would center around the show, and the one they chose was pretty big. “Clue: The Game of Thrones Edition.” And no, that doesn’t mean that Wadsworth is going to show up at the Red Keep, though Tim Curry in Westeros doesn’t sound like a bad notion.

No really, according to the “product specs”: Epic game board measures 4 ft. x 2 ft. Also Includes Game Board, 48 Player Pieces, 48 Weapons, 126 Cards (Suspect, Weapon, and Location), 2 d6, Confidential Folder, Inspector Pads, and Instructions.

Check out the video below.

Tyrion Lannister in King’s Landing with the Tears of Lys

The plot of Game of Thrones in both its book and HBO television series incarnations involves a mess of murders, which makes it a perfect fit for a board game like Clue. Game of Thrones Clue plays just like classic Clue, but with GoT-themed goodness bundled in. Gone are the basic playing pieces and standard weapons. They’ve been replaced with all new pieces: 48 suspects and 48 weapons. You might notice the board’s been renovated, too. It now measures an expansive 2 ft. by 4 ft. What can we say? It’s hard to contain all of Westeros.

Do those numbers sound a little bigger than the Clue you’re familiar with? Well, they are. We like more options in our gaming. Rock, Paper, Scissors? No. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Traditional Clue has 324 possible suspect / location / weapon combinations. Our GoT Clue has 69,120. Spoiler alert: you’ll never know what’s coming next. Or will you…?

Product Specifications  

  • The classic board game chock-full of GoT intrigue
  • For 3-47 players
  • Ages 18+
  • Play time: 3 hours
  • Mechanic: Grid Movement, Hand Management, Memory, Paper-and-Pencil, Roll / Spin and Move
  • Custom game board with 30 locations including Harrenhal, Casterly Rock, and The Twins
  • 48 Metal Weapons including Longclaw, Needle, and a direwolf
  • 48 Player Pieces including Gregor Clegane, Tyrion Lannister, and Brienne of Tarth
  • Includes Game Board, 48 Player Pieces, 48 Weapons, 126 Cards (Suspect, Weapon, and Location), 2 d6, Confidential Folder, Inspector Pads, and Instructions
  • Dimensions: 4 ft. x 2 ft. game board

Only 48 player pieces? But there are 166 members in the cast! That game board is really impressive though. Check out the mock up pictures.

Seriously, that board is huge.


The cards are a little “Magic: The Gathering,” but that’s not a complaint.

This, on the other hand, looks a little bit like “Guess Who.” That is a complaint.

And like any April Fool’s product that catches the attention and hearts of fans, this product could in fact become a reality. If you head over to the product page and click buy now, you can vote for this to one day be a real product that you can play with your friends and family. And though the Hodor Travel Buddy is probably more practical, I’m voting for this one.