Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will play a SoCal gangster in Shot Caller

And the movie star-ization of the Game of Thrones cast continues. As of right now, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke have probably had the most success breaking onto the big screen, but cast members like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) haven’t been left behind. Coster-Waldau recently headlined the detective drama A Second Chance, and will shortly star alongside Gerard Butler and Chadwick Boseman in Gods of Egypt. He’ll play the god Horus in that one, by the way, which should certainly be different. Now, The Wrap reports that he’ll will play a Southern California gangster in Shot Caller. If this keeps up, Coster-Waldau should be cast as the new James Bond by 2019.

In Shot Caller, Coster-Waldau’s character will be forced to orchestrate a major attack on a rival gang right after getting out of prison. There aren’t many more details available, but that doesn’t sound too far afield of what happened to Jaime on Game of Thrones. He was taken prisoner by the Starks, released by Catelyn, and returned to King’s Landing before taking on a mission to sneak into Dorne and retrieve his daughter from a rival House. Coster-Waldau’s got this in the bag.

Shot Caller will be directed by stuntman-turned-director Roman Waugh, and is scheduled to start production in late May. As if Coster-Waldau’s training on Game of Thrones didn’t prepare him for this new role enough already, we must also remember that he popped up in Saturday Night Live skit which imagined what the show would be like if it were set in “South Centros,” the Westerosi equivalent of South Central Los Angeles. Was that a cute cameo or a way Coster-Waldau to get into character? You decide.