Doctor Who: David Tennant Receives Honorary Doctorate from His Alma Mater

David Tennant received an honorary doctorate in drama from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Scots of the Doctor Who family have been in the news quite a bit as of late. Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat started filming Series Ten. Karen Gillan found and shared an old video from behind the scenes from her time on the show. David Tennant read aloud some hilarious tweets sent to Donald Trump regarding the Presidential candidate’s recent visit to Scotland. John Barrowman shot a pilot at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ. Steven Moffat, just today, received an honorary doctorate from a university in his hometown.

Funnily enough —  as back in April we reported would happen — David Tennant also received an honorary doctorate today. His is for drama from his alma mater, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama).

Clad in a lovely dark purple and light blue graduation robe, he accepted his degree.

David Tennant receiving his honorary doctorate in drama from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – credit: Radio Times

In his speech at the ceremony, Tennant said that he was “honoured and rather humbled to be [there].” The experience of returning to the school was both “overwhelming” and “lovely” for him, and “evoke[d] some very vivid memories.” He “fondly” recalls his “very formative” three years as a “quite young” and “quite green” student, “getting to practice in a safe environment,” as being “very important” and “essential.” He says that he “did a lot of growing up [there] and learned an enormous amount.

Tennant is not much for giving advice on his “overcrowded” and “weird” profession, however, because he does not “know that any of it ever makes sense” due to so very many uncertainties.

“All you can say is how it’s been for you, and give a sense of what to expect — just to keep breathing, really.”

He then defaulted to the classic British answer of “keep calm and carry on.”

David Tennant with his honorary doctorate – credit: PA/Jane Barlow

When asked about Steven Moffat, Tennant joked about using their doctorates to duel.

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You can watch the Daily Record‘s video interview with Tennant below:

The Doctor is now a doctor. Congratulations, David!